a Chinawoman CKT , Jln SS 5A , PJ

A famous ( size does matter ) big woman & her little fried noodles ( inside an Indian Muslim Restaurant )
omgoodness !

the final inspection before the release , da trio of one XXL flanked by one QS ( quite small ) and 1 M.

in SS5A near SS 3 PJ ( also known as the FAM area )

the standard looking-wet

Char Kuey Teow with eggs &

over-chilli sauce , only RM 3.50

in a tiny portion with silky smooth de-shelled prawns + 2 or 3 cockles.

...the drier other one without eggs , the only way to appreciate CKT according to certain purists .

does indeed look more bouncy ...and with more noodle taste.

Still , while the plateful has full rich voluptuous flavor the lady's masterpiece deviates pointedly from our chequered impressions of the X factored complete version aka da real thing
...though it is highly popular with the predominantly Malay crowd here.

interestingly this Mamak eatery has many Chinese stalls selling hawker favorites too ,
a truly total Malaysian Xperience...( no ? )


yammylicious said…
guess u should thr the lau wan char keuh teow!! slurp is delicious thn FAM one... for my liking~
tks for tip we shall check it out !