ancient Chinese starchy yellow noodles

Unexciting... most people say boring...

this gluey brown soup thing

...what about you ?

this one from GluttonLand , beside the Kuan Yin Temple , Lebuh Pitt Penang. Classic Penang lor mee.
Looks dull , soggy and very oldy. But with exceptional tender meaty things.
+ a chicken foot .
Traces of herbal medicinal flavor,
a chef bsg fav morning after snack.

looks familiar right , what with the kangkong vege & egg ? Convenience lor mee from the mee yoke Lim fella from SS2 PJ ( Chow Yeang ). RM3.50

the fairly off-colored lor mee from big Canto towns KL , etc . Seldom requested and mostly forgettable. Blame her simply stunning hotshot companion hokkian mee for her woes ( if you must )...

the cluttered flat noodles flavored one from Kg Koh Sitiawan , hawker styled loo mein , a controversial dried cuttlefish/bamboo shoot ( white vinegar enhanced ) popular meal at only RM2 to 2.40 a bowl.

This great Sitiawan / Ayer Tawar loo mein from the shops. Hearty and deep eggy taste with prawns and meats. Unique taste.
A highly sought after showpiece of Hock Chew cuisine.

...and BSG's star , the Ulu ( means uncivilised ) Yam lor mee , da one in real boondocks Ulu Yam , Selangor ( not developed PJ or Kl ok ! )
...the deepest , darkest , strongest tasting ( black vinegar laced ) big yellow noodles north of KL , in the most homely ambienced eatery too.


Wennn said…
Just had some hokkien mee today... heheheeh luckily... if not sure craving for some!!
MeiyeN said…
boring? i don't think so cause i heart them so much!!!!!
yammylicious said…
thn png lor mee look veri gravy!!
gosh u're making me hungry ler. The gooey sauce is sooo tempting!
tigerfish said…
That Loh Mee? Seem that it is noodles drenched with Dim-Sum style braised chicken feet...hee heee. Should be yummy!
Anonymous said…
Show me more of good delicious hawker food in pg
lucia said…
mental jog

yeah the penang lor mee at pitt st. is da' famous one. nice. the one at new lane is not bad too (which i eat often as it is next to the church i goes to).

i like lor mee though i find not many people like it. those who don't like it said they don't like it being so starchy... but that is precisely the reason i like it! :)
you better watch your eatings now that things have so sweetly changed hahaha ! but dun forgit to cook more tho !

really ah ? that is so super sweet ( again ) from da princess

wa you also can apprecite this one ! correct correct very graviyly and starchilicious

one fine day you must drive up to Genting taking the Ulu Yam way then can enjoy home cooking the way it was. sommore ah the pork ah soooooo flesh and succulent one u know. then also got others dun forgit ah we wait 4 u

this one chef bsg best one hidden in far corner with many oldies

its coming !

another food connoisseur ! perfect
to recharge after all those gomen troubles haha
HairyBerry said…
lor mee and black vinegar! if this doesnt whip anyone's appetite, what will?? haha!! love it!
Unknown said…
i do love ulu yam;s version..n their fish paste rox too
u da koinoiseur !

looks like we have many ulu yammmy
darlings & darlets hahaha !
wmw said…
Oooh, I love to eat this with lots of black vinegar!
teckiee said…
call me bais.. but i think kampung koh one still the best!
teckiee said…
...maybe because they use the baby bamboo shots. the rest of the loh mee like so the same.
black vinegar is great !

some of our Kl friends purposely order this kg koh one 2 or 3 bowls while some cannot tahan even the bamboo dhoot and vinegar smell !