3 more not to be missed

...distinctively Penang !

the Balik Pulau Penang laksa , stall beside the old ( soon to be demolised ) wet market, town centre. Managed by a chubby Mr Tan who is coming soon to PJ. Noodles in Xtra pleasant orange fishy 5-flavors soup.
Chef BSG's all-time no 1.

the Sungei Dua prawn mee ( Malay style ) , Teluk Kumbar ( seafood paradise ) , Penang ( near the Bayan Lepas Airport )
3 fresh prawns in soup reminiscent of mee java/ mee rebus. RM 15 or so.
Sweetily delicious.

finally back to da Chinaman famous city centre ? popular oldies ( do you know why ? ) fried big oysters in scrambled eggs. This one here costs only RM 17 .
Multiple libido enhancer...best taken with frothing chilled Carlsberg !


Coketai said…
Sungai Dua Prawn Mee, I wonder is it the Sungai Dua in Prai or the one in Penang Island.....During those day I work in Prai decade ago, there were a good fresh water prawn mee stall in Sg. Dua Prai. Until today, I still dream of the big big fresh water prawn...yummy yummy!

Yinsi Yat said…
Taukeh, fried big oysters one plate, asam laksa satu mali quick and teh o ais kau satu!
Precious Pea said…
Mr Tan coming to PJ soon?? PJ where where???? Oooo..look at the generous amount of juicy oysters! Sedap sedap!
MeiyeN said…
fuiyohhh.. da so many oysters! they must be juicy ;)yum.. yummmmm... yummmy!!!!!!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Oh man, I practically came back just less than 2 months...but these pictures are killing me. Next time, try Goh Huat Seng restaurant...think Or Nee (taro paste) in curry puff shells, the taucheo oysters, and very very good gulai udang, and steamboat. Gotta try, it's near the oysters omelet place you went to.
lucia said…
mental jog

ahh there you are... balik pulau laksa at last. if you didn't try it or show it, then i would have thought something wrong with you. haha.

haven't try the sg dua prawn mee before. that is because i hardly goes to sg dua. the prawns look yummy!!
round juicy oysters. mmmmm.
this one here is in Penang( with sea prawns), one of many shops. the original of the original version is in Sg Dua( Butterworth) near the Bridge over the fast flowing stream many years ago which had both udang galah and sea prawns. It s still here we were told !

kumming kumming OOhhOO!

we indicated to Mr Tan we shall organise a welcoming party for him in PJ when he comes ( Jan 08?) and we have certain professional Gluttons cum connoisseurs cum merrymakers in mind to leisurely finis his first days brew.

damn good 4 partner or your money back

t kiu for tips we shall not miss round 3 !

no need to go Sg dua its in telik kumbar lah, so near

actually the oysters aren't tasty at all...( think Micasa & tobasco fresh lime )
HairyBerry said…
the laksa is just so darn appetising! the redness is just killing. hmm, i think i can smell the pineapple, onion and lemongrass scents from here...stomach's growling!

so much libido enhancer! potent, potent...haha!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Gah, the more I look at the laksa, the more hungry I get...I MUST make it soon here in the US, now I can because I brought back the sticky black Penang Heh Kor!
hes coming to PJ hohoho !

good for you , look forward to Penang assam laksa as authentically cooked to perfection by original Penang chef !