don't eat & drive

JUST drink & be merry !

bsg's beautiful sweetie

have a blast....

c u in 2008 !


Anonymous said…
Don't eat and drive? Only drink and be merry? But I want to eat AND be merry, how leh? Hehe...

All the best in 2008! More makan, more makan! ;)
tigerfish said…
Happy 2008! Have to eat and be merry too lah! Cannot just drink, no good for stomach! :P
teckiee said…
hey guys... happy new year!
wmw said…
To the whole team...Happy New Year!
HairyBerry said…
Happy New Year, people! I'd say Eat, Eat, Eat, Eat, Drink, Sleep..then only drive!
Xiu Long Bao said…
man the first pic is so farnie...dats wat i normally do, must uphold floggers' motto, keep up the eating, eat eat eat!
Unknown said…

I eat and drive leh.. I eat and drive pple mad with the non-stop photo taking before people can touch the food! haha...

Wishing you a very Blessed Year ahead!
Michelle said…
happy happy new year team bsg..
all love,care,friends,lucks and good food for you guys all year long..

k.t.x said…
dudde(s), happy new year to u eh!!!

true enuf, i did drink and be merry on the night of the 1st...lol. lotsa martell. nothin less than that. good enuf? lol lol.
Happy New Year to you as well!
ai wei said…
happy happy happy new year!
MeiyeN said…
happy new year to you all of you team bsg! may 2008 brings lotsa good food, fortune, wealth and good health to all of you! =)
yes more more coming , with lots of help from you !

we drink from 12 to 13 so ok !

happy ew year ! got go backstreets lately ah ?

happy new year , kites coming again soon...

right on bruder !

haha we thought so ! but you look totally diff and great ! happy eating new year ( in Spore )

we would love too for all our eats to be blessed by your super glittering lenses !

HNY we shall be eyeing up soon ( bsg resolution no 8 2008 )

we always knew you know how to enjoy , thats why u r soooooooo busy issit ?

happy new year and happy cooking !

happy happy new year too ( u do look like a Queen u know...)haha

guess this is your errr...
...y e a r ...?!
so let the wheels turn a little faster happier more delicious!
we got a few more awards for u
Rasa Malaysia said…
Happy Eating 2008! Haven't seen you much in my hood lately. What's up? :P
we have been distracted and slowly cominmg back TQ !