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Once upon a time many years ago a small young girl fell in love. She adored beautiful actresses and admired handsome singers and vowed to forever be with them , in sickness or in health .

And so into the present ... a star studded gallery was born in Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

In fact there are unforgettable portraits of stars and starlets hanging around this entire after 5 oldies Johorean restaurant famed for its evergreen Malay cuisine such as this diy noodles dish . Maybe you could also consider to bring your dear mum or grandma , for since when and how long have they not been tapping their tired feet to the delightful ancient sounds of ronggeng asli !?

big pot , freshies & greenies
lo & behold ...

The Johore Laksa

Long white noodles in delightful spicy gravy. Tastes guaranteed.

Only RM5 per serve ( so make it big ! )


otherwise try their excellent diy alacarte nasi lemak and nasi campur , Johore Style.

If that still fails , never mind ...go admire her admireds , all 60 of them.

She is sentimentally here reminising each night just

beside the biggest traffic light junction in Sri Hartamas, KL


Looks delicious! I drive past this place quite often....at least, I THINK this is the same place! Next time, must apply the emergency brake.
Jackson said…
hey.... u change new pic!! who is that lady?
Unknown said…
where is it actually? any landmark near the biggest junction?
MeiyeN said…
what's ronggeng asli? hmm... like lemongrass, am curious too.. who's that babe? ;)
yammylicious said…
awww nice laksa!! anyway... the biggest traffic light junction in sri hatamas at whr?! any other shop near by?!
Precious Pea said…
I went there once to tarbau nasi lemak...it was like transported back to P.Ramlee era. Foodwise, not too bad.
haha i drive past this every time after gym..no wonder i nvr stop by..haha guilty!
nex time see ypu here darlin' ( with da zooms of course )

she's the woman ( bsg night mode )

if coming from PJ ( Dsara utama ) passing by Eastin Hotel , turn left towards Desa Hartamas/ Mount Kiara. You will reach a super traffic light: left to Desa Hartamas , straight to Mount Kiara and right to Sri Hartamas. Our dear nostalgic lady is just 50 metres from this traffic light as you enter Sri Hartamas from here. Happy ronggenging !

ronggeng asli means shake backside with fat woman without touching frontside. woman is sometimes team bsg ( night vision ). tho we would much prefer xxixxN.

welcome to whacky bsg and night modes too. see comments on kbcg !

they are certainky a worthy and great old fashioned Malay outfit ( outside Kg Baru KL)

the lady cashier ( sometimes one ) is also not too bad ( our fav 'other appetizer cuisine' )
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
sri hartamas is the rich effluent area, right?

laksa johor! what are the ingredients? haven't try it before.
i only remember trying laksa sarawak... but can't remember the ingredients!

team bsg, one day you guys should do a post WITH pictures of course, on ALL the laksa available, and explain the ingredients in each kind of laksa. (perhaps from laksa shack?)
teckiee said…
actually until now ah.. laska is like laksa to me.. i dont know how to tell if its a johor one or what
MeiyeN said…
whoaaa........ that's called ronggeng asli.. lol!
Unknown said…
i have not had johor laksa for the longest time!

either i go back to Johor to have it, or find somewhere nearby that has it... where????
Rasa Malaysia said…
Recently I heard a lot about Johore laksa...how does it compared to Penang's ?
tks for coming over , we shall see yr movies soon !

johore laksa is very dry and not so sour. more different herbs but lacks fragrance. Laksa book we shall try but sure got many sexy girl pixs one

then we shall learly show you v soon...

thats right babe

thoz u just stretch yr hand got oredi ?

lacks fragrance and punch...dry