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Malaysia (50 years ago we read ) used to boast of the best road networks in Asia ( and many more great(est) other 1st , such as the best English speaking population outside England ...errrr truth be told... ) and also the most united/harmonious multi-racial country in da world...

Things change , but luckily our cutting edge ( meaning the landsliding slopes ) Plus Highway from Johore Baru ( near tiny but not miniscule Singapore , pun intended ) to Bukit Kayu Hitam near Men's Paradise ( only a border pass away ) has the country's best free toilets & YES !
...unbelievably good food ! ...and it is not so much about having no choices ok ( altho it is so true )
Hey , there are simply tons of food all over , with hungry customers coming by all kinds of heavy loads.. enough to feed hundreds of thousands a day !

Rawang R & R ( rest & recreation ) going up to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur

they come in walkswagons , bicycles , Harley Davidsons , buses , lorries and cars

( tractors / caterpillars also got )

but other than the usual nasi lemak bungkus , laksa and mineral water/coke we never miss this one... super duper fried to perfecto ikan keli ( river catfish )
winner , bsg's ultimate award for the best fried fish
( category fresh water - below 8 in )
on any 5-star tolled Highway in the world.
Do not take our word for it , try them yourself...afterall its only
RM2 a head ( with body & tail and sambal is free )


Yinsi Yat said…
You on your way back from the border? Hehehe!
Precious Pea said…
The fish!! Not too bad wor...next time will stopover in Rawang when i heading North to try this fish. At RM2, cheap leh.
Anonymous said…
wah! the fish look so appetising. only RM2? banyak cheap lor. ok next time when i'm at rawang R&R i'll look out for it.
MeiyeN said…
rm 2 only? and now i know that river catfish is called ikan keli.. never knew that till today! :p
k.t.x said…
uhh, this unagi is the best dude. i think this longkang fish which is still shunned by the chingkies is one of the best discovery in malay cuisine...good on yer babe, we share lots in common huh? aiyah...perak cavemen marrrr...lol.
Anonymous said…
Long time never eaten a fish fried this way liow!
still going nex week !

actually it is the cheapest good fish . you can have 10 gorgeous of this to one miniscule siakap u know

try it soon !

keli is popular to malays and small towns ( chinamen never touch them last time , even older folks laugh at them today ) !

we knew you are he one ! longkang A1 ! hahaha

in terms of crunchiness and taste its 2nd to none , bsg honor
Unknown said…
talk about food at PLUS, the Satay at 2nd Link is not bad leh, the ones heading south to the little dot :-p