the pavilion and the Loaf , Kuala Lumpur

A class act in KL's premier Shopping District

the poor man's bread , out of touch , lost & desolate... ( or is it ) ?

KL's latest swanking Retail Wonder , where once stood KL's most premier Girls' School ( BBGS ), a controversial heritage site lovingly displaced by the still scandalous Berjaya Group ( owner of the D minus design of Berjaya Times Square down the road ).

Superb accessibility , right among the other hotshots ( as for Starhill ) along New York's 7th Avenue pretender "Bintang Walk " a failing multi-million dollar alfresco dining / leisure zone in KL's no 1 shopping area ...

& ...introducing for the first time in Malaysia , a unique street styled extra high ceiling retailing outlet experience ...amazingly generous space with a main sunken podium with fresh sunshine !

...state of the art escalators etc etc

Lip smacking Japanese centuries old hot cakes baking pedigree , with quality authentic imported and local ingredients , as the brochures say.
Lower level for the takeaway or alfresco styled quick tea facing traffic and upper level for the ala carte fine dining shakers & movers.

All items looks emminently suave and freshly original down to paper packets and utencils , while this can of the real coke is just RM5.80 !
The rest is... as they say pure elegance & style ( with a price ).
Welcome to 5 star ambience , KL ! team bsg's no 1 Shopping Mall contender in KL


Michelle said…
hmm.. so must pay 5.80 to get real coke la.. i see i see..

the jap hot cakes.. look simplyy... tempting.. hungry d.

urgh. better sleep. Zzzz..
Unknown said…
the jap cakes looks tempting leh. if it's made like the way it is to be.

but 5.80 coke? errrr...
MeiyeN said…
da coke.. so expensive?!!!! O_o not even a diet coke.. :( anyways, da jap cakes really hot looking... looks like i must fly myself there asap but for sure, no coke lol..
Aaah. Affluence in Malaysia. We're getting there, baby.
we know you lurve cakes ...

the place looks great , overlooking 6 stat Starhill( straight ahead ). thats why the coke is cheap at RM 5.80 ( sommor can ogle angmor cuties with spreaded legs one )

we wait for your review soon on all yr favorites here

this sure is yr place one