National duty beckons

For a few days now we are suffering from some strange kind of yellow and 100,000 people .fever.

Not TGIF ok , its this Friday 9th Nov

Wear your snazziest yellow necktie to support the call for electoral reforms

followed by de pulsating Saturday Fever

a hansome & beautiful delegation ( see below ) from BERSIH went to the Istana Negara to hand deliver a letter to the Agong to inform him about the rakyat’s
super-duper-ultra -mega-hyper ASSEMBLY
Saturday, 10 November 2007 ,
which it has been told the Agong
has no objections.

Invariably, 100,000 people ( including team bsg ) will be on stby mode
3 pm in Dataran Merdeka , KL.

no , this gang is not team bsg

The time is N O W !


What A Lulu said…
lepas tu, makan kat mana?
What A Lulu said…
lepas tu, makan kat mana?
Anonymous said…
hey glad to note that the team will be there on 10 nov. pity i'm not in kl.
c u there !

we r sure yr spirit will be there , TQ !