Nasi Lemak Melayu Asli , KL

member , BSG Hall of Fame

your personal belongings & bodily security guaranteed by the Dang Wangi Police Station ,
only a plate's throw away
classic backStreet ambience , beware speeding cars

all red and plastics . Self service , from RM 1.50

some die for nuts , others broken heads ( with eyes too ). ...then those
perfect individualistic rices

more tentacle wrapped around lusts that new dress babe !
No matter what they say ...its all in this dark strong & pungent paste

Nasi Lemak R A , Jln Raja Abdullah ( over the river Dang Wangi LRT Station )
No 2 in Kuala Lumpur , according to team bsg
warning : if service is not up to par , its entirely your own fault


Cat Cat said…
I can hear those sotong calling my name... YUM!
MeiyeN said…
goodness........ da squid!!!!!! yum yum!!!
Anonymous said…
wow! i love nasi lemak - melayu, cina, india - all i love, love. eat, eat!
Michelle said…
the sotong!! *slurps*
"strangling" my taste buds.. hahahaha
wmw said…
Nasi heck of a good meal!
I love sambal sotong!! But it's usually too much for me to handle so early in the morning. :-P
Precious Pea said…
Fuyoh!!! Look at the tentacles!! having roti now..but got to imagine am savouring the nasi lemak.
cat cat
remarkably many people we know cannot resist this jangguty thing. maybe it has a certain grippling feel or is it that bouncy grasph or gasp omg !

yum yum ! yummy

when u r here for R2 Bersih we bring you here !

we are trying to organise a nasi lemak mania (feast) for breakfast , brunch , early lunch , late lunch , tea , happy hours , dinner , supper... more happy minutes etc
u r lovingly invited ! say Y E S !

malaysia bolih !

have no fear we deliver too at night ..

got win ornot the contest and vacation ? this time we wanna be there see you eat ! ...and eat
Anonymous said…

what's the operating hrs? would like to give a try
Anonymous said…
Team Bsg, you mention this one is No 2 in Kl.. Where is No 1?? Alwalys on lookout for good nasi lemak!!! Tried Pak Ali nasi Lemak in Jalan Imbi yet? On one of my top ranking and would like to hear your comments...
mornigns around 7 and evenings to 4or 5 everyday. mostly nearby office crowds and yes ! passers by in speeding cars coming to sudden stops

david lim
tks for dropping by and good to know u love this thing ! try the other one cslled NL Tanglin near bukit aman, lake gardens and the other one Tanjung Puteri in sri hartamas. both great. check my previous postings on NL for address.

No 1 is the one u think is da best !