misfired torpedo in Hot Soup

a Doraisamy Bobbit heritage production

directed by Cambell Mamak
original screenplay by team bsg
adapted from "Confessions of a streetBomber"

scene 0 ...the gallery

fire !

cutted white balls & some long wavy stringers

supporting actor Billy da goat stew for hangers on morning after

...& starring... Bobbit de Crunch , the one & only ...
...not cowboy 4 nuthin' e e e hah !

imitaion CGI credits to Jln Doraisamy( aka Cambell Street ) , Kuala Lumpur
winner...best visual effects ! BSG Academy Awards 2007


Rasa Malaysia said…
I have just been really busy and haven't had time to do anything really...sorry for being MIA, but will have a looooong weekend next week so will catch up!
Unknown said…
having a lot of guts to club n drink a long the street, but no guts to try that sup torpedo
haha after that soup i will be awake man!
MeiyeN said…
wow... they make it to da BSG academy awards? that's like so cool.... :D
Anonymous said…
whoo!! i would have love the soup i'm sure!! i'm a soup person. take soup like drinking water. usually though i only take the soup liquid but not the ingedients in it.

btw, i notice you had stop putting up slides. though the slide were great but it made your page takes up so much time to load! i'm glad you decided to do away with them.
wmw said…
Hahaha...one of the classic BSG style post again! :o)
welcome back !

then u really need team bsg ( da bestest ) !

not only that u will feel the boom bang boome.....g

u know its hard ( u gotta be real hard or real soft ) to be on bsg's award

tks now we do no slides soon we try to do movies

we are working on 4D effects nex posts ( with real CGI food )