Fish Head Curry , KL

Setapak at the N/E tip of Kuala Lumpur ( beside Gombak ) holds sentimental memories for at least 2 of us who studied at nearby College Tunku Abdul Rahman . Then meals as a student were kinda simple and usually of the economy rice type ! There are many good traditional Chinese restaurants here but none of particular mention , although there is one famous beggar chicken near the Natonal Zoo ( wonder if its still there ? ).

But we will always remember this Chinese restaurant along Jln Angsana ( Taman Furlong ).

this decades old picture on the wall welcomes you

While the two of us came in around 12.15 pm we were the first customers but within the next 20 minutes the 20 tables were quickly taken up by this seemingly regular crowd who knew exactly what to order.

The super hot golden crispies for starters . Tastes exactly like good olde fried chickens !
Also available : very freshly fried tofus , fish balls etc

The standard Fish Head ('sepang' in cut pieces ) with fresh long beans , brinjal , ladies fingers , tofu and mint leaves , claypot fired in an orange curry base of assamy coconut milk flavor. We loved the crunchy fresh vegetables ( but had a little problem separating the slightly fishy meats and skins from the bones ) and would have preferred the already slurpy curry even hotter & stronger !
Peters ( freshly done ) Fish Head Curry , Setapak KL RM1 7 for small .
Super Gluttons can also opt for a range of extra seafood such as cuttlefish , prawns etc etc

This reasonably satisfying & balanced ( fish & green vegetables ) rice curry offering is as good as a Fish Head curry can be ( ...Chinese style ).
...but if you still insist on the unmistakeable aromatic lingering multicolored ( few scales higher )
original Indian version..then go .try the Sentul Big Head one

from team bsg ( we sapu everything) !


Wennn said…
oooohhhhh la la... veli nice leh... U always tease me with all these nice looking food... Damnnnnn stomach is growling oredi..
Coketai said…
May I know what year you are with TARC and what School you are in ?? SBS, SAS or SOT??

why u must stay so far away haha !

tks for coming over. 2 of us around 1986 time doing ACCA. We enjoy the trek up Klang Gates too other than eat eat eat !
Babe_KL said…
wow i'm glad to hear this place is still doing well. peter is a fren of my mom. he passed away a few years after opening this restaurant.
Babe_KL said…
oh yeah btw, peter is actually an indian but he speaks canton one lol lemme find out more if one of his parent is a chinese. if not mistaken his wife is a chinese. it has been soooooo long ago i last met uncle peter, must hv been more than 20years!
time 4 u to make a sentimental trip back !thoz the curry is quite Unindian tho ! maybe he has been reconverted to chinese what with all of them surrounding him then !