A great Fascination with heads

starting from the Top
For weeks now we have been talking heads, small , big or broken . From Sitiawan , Perak to Setapak, Kuala lumpur and now Jln 222 , Petaling Jaya. As they say all good things ( or bad ) start from the head . And so is this kind.
The famously lost & greatly missed one which started it all in Merdeka ( Independence ) Stadium , KL ( ? ) way back in the 80s and then disappeared ? Remember the iconic Ahamed Stadium Fish Head Curry ? At least the name says it here in Jln 222, PJ ( beside Krishna Curry house ).

a not so packed lunch time Saturday 10 Nov 2007.

The fallen big RM25 head. Cold , harsh and didn't bring back any old lusty scents nor dripping memories . Best forgotten. Even the incoherent Indon cashier says it all.

Maybe those madhatters in batons and teargas cannisters in Masjid Jamek LRT station ( 2.30 pm 10 Nov 2007 ) better tell their gonna-be-rotten heads too a tale (errr head ) or 2.

Coz thats the way they will all go too...like this.


LS Lim said…
lets eat them all ! haha
Anonymous said…
walau eh , u mean he looks so ugly one ! from fighter
Anonymous said…
I thought they were the best ? how come no veges one , all gone ah ?
you should try the nieghbour krisna not bad too
Anonymous said…
My favorite part in a fish head is the flesh under the gills :P ....
this one poor imitator lah so no need

haha y shud see him real close

Khrisna is pretty good but they were closed !

in many chinese wedding dinners , we do see connoisseurs busy digging for this part ! they call it cheeks is it ?