Dangerously fried noodles

Fried noodles are fast , filling , tasty & cost little , making them very popular as a regular individual meal or snack at any time. It is a gourmet version of the poor man's instant mee and some endearing classics are found under bridges and beside drains.

This standard type with yellow noodles is an Indian speciality garnished with lots of tofu bits , , fish cake slices , scrambled eggs plus some vegetables in strong oily (chili) sauce . The best ones should come to you friedly-hot served in plates lined with banana leaf. Add raw green chilis for the complete flavor. This "mee goreng" should cost about RM3 - 4 a plate. Most Indian Muslim restaurants in KL serve very good versions. Try Kayu for example.

This Chinaman flat noodle version is considered de fried mee and strikes fear in many an aspiring gym wannabe. The sweaty good Char Keow Teow man usually has no time to talk nor sit and easily wins bsg's vote as the most grumpy hawker in a food court. His one of a kind semi raw bloody cockles seem to put many connoisseurs into a daze, mumbling muddled superlatives.
Strangely some misinformed experts are also lobbying for this item to be forever banned , feebly citing unproven risks associated with overcholesterol to liver malfunction .
Who cares , head to Steven Fried in Bangsar Lucky Gardens, KL ( Nam Chun Restaurant ) to prove them all wrong omg.

This thick big noodles called Hokkian Mee is bsg's most sinful noodle dish of all time , even more deadly than the Char Keow Teow above. For one thing it slurps perfectly high with Carlsberg/Tiger. Means quite dangerous for bad drivers.
Then it is basically ( yes !) a night thing, transforming docile gentlemen in the day to Gluttons when the sun sets. Then that smell. Whole neighborhood also kena. No wonder they say it should also be banned in this sensitive country ( cannot mention names one ).
This one in USJ 2 ( opposite USJ Summit , the other end one ! ) is a killer , you have been warned.


Anonymous said…
Alas, not all mamak mee gorengs are created equal with most of them no where near as good as they used to be. You should try the famous bangkok lane mee goreng in Penang. Theres even a branch in Taman Desa that is featured in the latest issue of Flavours.

Asian Malaysian
Tummythoz said…
That last picture don look appetising to me. Kinda like slimy maggots .. =P
Anonymous said…
uh oh... someone beat me to first mention bangkok lang mee goreng. yep! when mee goreng is mentioned, penangites will sure mention bangkok lane.

lately though i discover another mee goreng stall that is just as nice as the one in bangkok lane, if not even better. it is in the sri weld food court in beach street.

i had blog about the bangkok lane mee goreng and also about the sri weld food court, but at that time, this mee goreng stall was not at sri weld food court yet. it only moved to sri weld i think about a month ago.

what's this hokkien mee you mentioned here? fried hokkien mee? looks like our penang's fried hokkien char... is it? hey it looks like the one kind of mee that i just started to get to eat it recently - the tai luk mee (fried like hokkien char style).
Yinsi Yat said…
Fuyoh! "tai lok" mee best! hahahaha

P/s: I'm busy lately. The mails will resume as soon as possible!!! Hahahaha
Anonymous said…
asian malaysian
hi familiar one from friedchillies fame ! We have taken note of the 2 places u mentioned and tks for yr fresh pointers !

you are right u know , many foreigners gets frightened of the oily big brown crawlies so have to pump in Carlsberg !

tks for the link and yes the hokkian mee is KL's version of fat noodles and plenty of lard bits.
sometimes called fukian chow and popular t night when vampires let loose

TQ take yr time we wait patiently
Anonymous said…
Usually, the grumpy hawker has the bestest food! Ha..right or not?
Rasa Malaysia said…
Ooooh, Sir Weld Mee Goreng...Lucia, I am going the next time...yummy. I had one mee goreng in my last trip to Penang and it wasn't good at all...didn't even have the signature Indian mee goreng sotong. Boo!
Anonymous said…
Will also try the Sri Weld mee goreng the next time Im in Penang.

Where did you have you mee goreng, rasa malaysia? No sotong(*gasp*)?! I tend to judge a mee goreng place on whether the mee rebus looks any good because the good ones add mee rebus sauce when frying.

Asian Malaysian
Anonymous said…
lynn, bsg,

Thanks for the kind welcome. You may see me loitering here more often in light of *sob* boo's announced retirement from daily food blogging.

Asian Malaysian
Anonymous said…
Hahaha... the post title sounds scary.
wmw said…
A toast to noodles from me ! "Till Death Do Us Part!" LOL!!!!
noodles long short and nasty !

right on babe !

thats one place you gonna try again

asian malaysian
tks , we would love to see your blog soon

scary according to the docs only !

ya lady !