the pot of Gold

at the end of the rainbow

Seapark PJ ( near SS2 ) wet market where Pelangi ( "rainbow" ) Club stands

one midget van , one tall & handsome dark Hokkian "lang" , 1 fair woman ( his "bor" )
2 friendly Indon ladies
you will be served within 3 minutes or your $$ back
opens noon 12 to 5 pm everyday , Mondays off
parking tho is a serious problem from 12 to 3 pm
2 dishes only, "hare mee" ( side-ass-kick prawn noodles ) ,
& Penang Nyonya's bestest noodles export

electrifying Sea Park Assam Laksa , da super sultry irresistible backlane mademoiselle

only RM4.00 now & rising...
bsg's sexiest noodle dish award , 3rd quarter 2007

comes with an all-permeating meaty fragrance & once-in-a-lifetime that aroma from
da friendly butchers next door


Wennn said…
OMG U made my mouth watered by looking at tat bowl of laksa... Make me wanna fly bek straight away lor!!! Too bad now I kenot hv assam laksa la... Aiyaaaa it's a torture looking at it!1
Cat Cat said…
By just looking at the picture, I know this is a killer Assam Laksa... I can almost taste it now... YUM!
wmw said…
I never knew that was called a midget van! hahah...
Anonymous said…
wah...even got guarantee...better than Mcnoodle! Buahahahaha
k.t.x said…
emmmm, salty and sourish mademoiselle, tres bien, tres bien......uhhhhhhhh......c'est parfait!

now how does a salty and sourish mademoiselle eat on a aluminum (now-plastic) folded table??? with her legs crossed or otherwise? lol.
Anonymous said…
anything penang export gotta be good. :)

think asam laksa is the most heard of penang export food. how come seldom heard of 'penang char koay teow' in KL?

btw 2 days ago i had blog about teow chew food.
MeiyeN said…
i know this place but never tried before.... so now, am dare to hop by and try.. thanks for da tips ;)
actually the beside one even more terror !hahaha

its very good alright !

now you know !

so far his guarantee still din fail !

haha no no we eat her from foot up ! sour salty or not !

ckt coming up , teo chew food ( red one ok ! )

this one is a classic multi fragrance one