The March for a fair & clean General Election

Mass Gathering & Petition to Agong , organised by BERSIH
3 pm , 10 Nov 2007 , Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur

The 100,000 strong People's Assembly was to assemble at Dataran Merdeka ( Independence Square ) then march to the Palace to send a message to the King, to complain and seek electoral reforms which the present Government under PM Abdullah Badawai was alleged to have abused.

The sequential pictures below ( from team bsg ) show thousands of uniformed tough guys ( and some plastic looking shoulder padded gals ) setting up blokades and generally intimidating the crowds.

The tropical rains poured, occassionally littered with ( Russian ? ) biting tear gas , water cannons and smoke guns.

All roads leading to the Assembly Venue were cordoned off , leaving thousands of motorists astray, in a concerted attempt to prevent the march although we understand the Peoples' Petition was safely delivered to the King by another Group earlier.

The mostly peaceful crowd scattered around the Dataran soon dissipated around 5 pm.

Look who is smiling... for now !

This has been a live team bsg contribution...

... for a better Malaysia...


Anonymous said…
glad to see that you guys were out there as part of the near 100,000 crowd.

great sequential pics. i'll put up your link in my post.

rakyat power! let's continue to push for reform!
nex round must try to come ok !
should be more fierce