WATCH OUT ! the gingerbread man is here !

Asia's next gourmet baker ?

Kuala Lumpur After introducing gourmet croissants to Malaysia, a national political icon is now cooking up an invasion of Southeast Asia of the baking kind.

The 82 years young former PM Mahathir Mohamad is chairman of Malaysia's first fancy bakery " The Loaf " (opened July 2006 ) in happening resort island Langkawi ( Kedah) and plans to turn his Japanese-style bakery business into a chain with outlets throughout the region. Its second, and biggest, RM 2 million outlet will open its doors in swanky Bukit Bintang shopping belt in KL this week.

"I think we can go to Singapore at the end of 2008 and Jakarta, Bangkok, Phuket and Bali in 2009," Jiro Suzuki, Mahathir's Japanese partner, told Reuters.

Unlike existing Malaysian chains, "The Loaf" offers about 100 kinds of premium bread, pastries and muffins prepared by a Japanese chef using traditional Japanese baking techniques.

Malaysians crave (see below) mainly mee (noodles) , nasi lemak ( or rice cooked with coconut milk ) and roti canai, a type of flatbread, for breakfast.

At The Loaf, patrons pay 5 ringgit for breakfast croissants, but a French bakery in a Japanese department store across the street charges less than half that amount for its version.

Mahathir himself has been sampling some of his bakery's offerings while recuperating in hospital after his heartpounding 2nd bypass operation in Sept 2007, his family said.

"We've been getting deliveries at the hospital and Dad's enjoyed the creme caramel for dessert a couple of times," his eldest daughter, Marina, wrote on her (yes ! click me) internet blog.
Mahathir drew inspiration for the shop from his favourite Tokyo bakery called "Johan".

He retired in 2003 after 22 years in office as Malaysia's 4th prime minister.
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Anonymous said…
I heard of The Loaf, was it inside Pavilion?
Michelle said…
how come our ex PM look younger here.. hhehee.. yea.. i read about it in the papers..

where issit anyway?? starhill where?
The stuff at Langkawi's great. How exciting that it's coming here. I think i need to look for a better paying job to pay for such expensive food. haha.
Anonymous said…
The Loathe? Product might be good but name...scary leh. If all the breads, pastries, muffins...can help prevent heart's be more Yahoo! :P I'll be eager to get a piece of loti still when it opens in S'pore.

Hey, your nasi lemak need another chicken wings or not? BUahahahah!
Wennn said…
I wan some Malaysian Breakfast la.. Makes me drooling all over my laptop at this hour in de morning... OMG.... fai tit look away.... Char Kway Teow with all the crockles... Aiyaaaaaaa
Big Boys Oven said…
Great to have the loaf in KL!!
that is right , waiting 4 yr photobreaking review !

he gets younger by putting in goat bone marrow fron Germany we were told ! but we suspect it is lots to do with some imports from one famous island(sounds even more familiar ) in China. Oh it's in Pavilion KL

ya , it should pose a deserving challenge to the likes of FBB,BBO, and da other home bakers like babe , boo , teckiee , pp etc.
What did you say baby ? better paying job like as a quartertime celebrity F/B taster or even ...well ...perhaps ? who knows ?

wow wow you love hate all those loafers huh ? never mind surely there will be one estatically heartily yours one . our nasi lemak always miss one xciting fish . we want we want ! Yahoo !

nex my dear tempt and tease us with your Lundun CKT !Tg tualang one also can !

at RM2 million an outlet , my god what type of price huh ? are the Japs that good ?