Sitiawan's Fish Head

A half headed tri-onion steamed fish

Sitiawan, Perak is not normally associated with exceptional food , other than one or two unique items such as the cheaper fresher Kg Cina seafood(s) , the Hock Chew wanton noodles , red wine noodles , the saucer shaped bun Kong Pian & maybe that red bow-tie James cendol fella beside the Indian temple or that nasi lemak bungkus cum roti canai Malay stall near the river.

...and so a breakaway bsg team was sent to gluttonized this 'awesome' thing somebody raved non-stop about.

strangely though it is found inside a Bak Kut Teh shop !

This is the latest discovery in City-A1 . Chinese clear steamed fish head ( sepang ?) with multiple onion extras and 3 limes . Rm34.40 . Visually awesomely impressive , ...but... tastefully it isn't ! ...and price not cheaper than KL !
The Chan Sow Lin ( Sg Besi , KL ) fish heads rank a few scales higher in all departments !

simple interior Chinaman style

shoplot along Sitiawan-Kg Sitawan road , near Hotel Intan .

Can try head for stunning visual effects. Otherwise check next few posts coming up !


sc said…
so unfortunate that the fish head didnt turn out as good as expected..
Yinsi Yat said…
Fish head is my favorite too! BEST!!
Wennn said…
Hmmm I like fish head too... Bak kut teh I see... Yau cha kuey!! Yes yes I wan some....
teckiee said…
i haven balik kampung for a while already.. kind if miss setiawan cendol.... *sign*
Cat Cat said…
Not much of fish head fan but bak kut teh, anytime.. haha.
Anonymous said…
i don't like fish head and i don't like bah kut teh either (only love the soup of bah kut teh).
Jackson said…
BKT wt fish head?? strange strange strange...

Klg Kaki
The dishes look good, at least.
hmmmm , we shall still search for the right head ! Its strange , we always think ppl pay too much for skin & bones heads when they could have da solid body !

we know why ! hahaha waka ka wak kekeke !

we were stunned when we first arrived coz the lady said no BKT yet only got head so we thoz pork head omg ! that kind of head no c B4 !

ppl here say James cendol best in Malaysia ? we still think Pg one da best !

cat cat
u r right fish heads tastes more of bones and skin...while BKT tastes of solid meat ! ...and that power soup !

u r not alone many ppl think fish heads wastes of $$$ Bcoz costs the sky ! also how to eat all those slimey slimey scaly things ? hahaha, the Indians are good they cover them all up with thick orange gravy ! then cover them with super oily hot stuff then greeny brinjals and ladies fingers ! then charge head high

one day we go Sentosa ( Klang) try claypot curry baby shark daytime then tomyam fish head RM50 Rhong Shu Shiak at night !
++ tiger/Jaz ok !

It actually looks awesome but tastes err f l a t !
Anonymous said…
i think the fish head taste better at the shop just a few doors away from this shop..... :)
TQ for the timely info , we have taken note and will try very soon ! hopefully it tastes better !
& welcome to BSG !
Anonymous said…
The fish sounds good since there are so much onions! TOo bad it does not taste as expected. Maybe it has got to do with the gravy? No ginger? No dark soy? you say, what can you expect from BKT shop!?
Right on ! it shud have been much better with ginger or some wine ! then maybe some hot peppery stuff ( u know best about this type of thing ) !