Robertson's Pride

We did promise you a rose garden

a small step into time...& serenity

...a passion for colors

Mrs Robertsons' home made rose jam

the first rose tree in Cameron Highlands , ( still standing tall ...Brinchang, since 1934 )
under 4 hours from KL & Penang , see you soon


Wennn said…
Been to Cameron but din visit tat place.. Was too sick all de way up but I remembered I had a steamboat in CAmeron... Nice... Too bad I was sick on tat trip... Nice....
wmw said…
Eh, up at the highlands again!
Reminds me of childhood holidays where we'd rent a bungalow in Cameron Highlands and visit the sights/eat the jam/smell the roses/throw up along the winding roads.
Michelle said…
i never tried rose jam before..
wat does it taste like?? *wonders*

the last time i went cameron was like AGES ago.. that I cant remember how it was at all.. hmmm.. and the roses really bloom wonderfully.. huge petals..

So where's my roses harr??? lol..
I've never had rose jam, sounds interesting. Lovely slideshow.
Anonymous said…
Rose jam? Does it taste a bit like bandung?
so sorry bout that , so nex time plse make sure everythings ok so you can see that'english rose' ok !
yes the steamboats is also famous coz for once you dun sweat even without the aircon and those veges

not true we are downstairs only

u must be kidding , whatever happened to sweet romance huh ? how unbecoming to throw away all the cool breezes too !after all you are the sensuous one

Camerons has changed a lot since yr last visit. There are now close to 50 strawberry farms and Tanah Rata is filled with Indian restaurants ( surprisingly we couldn't find Mamak ones BION!). The rose jam is very rare but tastes sweet and has some rose flower fragrance(not exceptional) & doesn't have the elegance and style of strawberry jams though. the flowers are still lovely as you can see...

rose jams are hard to find even here , but we got it from the lady herself in her kitchen ! She is 70 plus and insists we come back again
,afterall she doesn't have backstreeters like us closely and affectionately admiring her blooms and scents

bandung ? whats that ? we don't particularly fancy this rose jam since it does have a kind of petal bites which is a mouthful too flowery (maybe thats why it is non commercialised)
SteamyKitchen said…
Love the flowers...its a nice break from seeing food after food photo on my site!

thats right come here more often to cool you down ! LOL