Raya open house

a Malaysian mega!treat

About 200,000 people are expected to attend the Hari Raya open house hosted by PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Cabinet Ministers at the PWTC on Sat ( 13 Oct 2007 ), reported local newspaper The Star .

RM 1.5 million has been budgetted for the event that is being held at the venue for a 4th consecutive year.

30 types of traditional Malay delicacies, including ketupat, satay, rendang and raya cookies ( see above ) prepared by 76 cooks would be served . About 50,000 kg of meat, vegetables, fruits, chillies and fish would be used to prepare the dishes , at RM 7.50 a head OR issit
RM75 a head !!?? omg ! but read on guys n gals...

The 'makan besar' ( f e a s t ) buffet spread would go round & round for 6 hours something like this ...

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TsunamiMAN RPK of Malaysia Today has, fresh from his lop-sided victory against "Tyson" the double Mohamed is his name delivered another of his signature killer-blows to The Star’s mind-boggling news report above.

"...it will take the PM(AAB) about 5 secs to shake the hand of 1 guest, if he does not talk to them and indulge in idle chit-chat.

So, in 1 min, AAB can shake the hands of 12 people and in an hour 720 people. Considering the open house is for only 6 hours, Abdullah will be able to shake the hands of only 4,320 people.

Assume that all the guests drive and each car averages 4 people. As there are 1,850 parking lots and each car takes 30 min to an hour to get in and then out , at the most 50,000 people can drive there unless they take a train, bus or taxi.

Logistically speaking, it is impossible for 200,000 people to drive there and shake the PM’s hand in 6 hours.

20,000 would make more sense.

This means ,

1) 195,680 guests will just go there and eat without wishing AAB Hari Raya or without shaking his hands.

2) AAB will have to extend his 6-hour open house to 278 hours or almost 12 days , standing for 12 days without sleeping, etc, etc , in-between shaking the hands of 200,000 people.

3) The 200,000 guests is a bullshit figure and a spin by the Fourth Floor boys to impress us that the PM is very popular while we know that only 20,000 will actually turn up.

So who is the caterer, & how much is the contract worth, and for how many people are they actually catering for?

At RM1.5 million for 200,000 persons , this works out to RM7.50 per head.

At the real figure of 20,000, then the cost spirals to RM75.00 per head !

If I were the caterer I would prepare food for only 20,000 people, knowing that this would be the actual figure, and then charge the government for 200,000 people. ***neat*** !

I would then make a tidy net profit of more than RM 1 million , even after deducting 'whatever" money I need to pay to those awarding me the contract. "


...meanwhile... the happy VIPs at a separate exclusive cozy corner are taking another big portrait for tomorrow's headlines before adjourning to the Mother of all Raya feasts here ...here...& here...

only a measely from RM 500 per viphead , excluding champagne
compliments of me...you...,you...you...and you + 200,000 people

its a rich mans world ...

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays !


wmw said…
You're turning into quite a mathematician...hehehe....
teckiee said…
I got the feeling you pay a lot of tax...
MeiyeN said…
wow....... u actually counted everything! thanks.. if not i wouldn't realise too... :p
k.t.x said…
i doubt if whatever u hv posted make sense.....because the head of that country prefers to snoooze away..........than to care for the country's finance and well being......lol. lol. but u would make a fine minister of finance, OR international trade...u choose...lah! lol.
Anonymous said…
Those cookies really reminded me of CNY again!....Selamat Hari Ray to all of you, belated one though. :D
hahah interesting facts u got there..but is it something new?? i dont think so..

things has always been like that, dont u think?
Anonymous said…
200,000 ppl?? Sounds... exaggerated.
Rasa Malaysia said…
So many kuih muih and cookies, I like.
Precious Pea said…
Wow! You are good with calculation. Gosh! Part of my income tax also gone to this open house...aiyah...should have gone to have my RM75 (or was it RM7.50?) meal.
Interesting post, and I love the slideshows.
Anonymous said…
hey its from that RPK fella !

dun V , all ! Its a sin...

it gives a pretty good idea how long its gonna last ( or as you say the wheels will turn ) ! but not good at all !

haha u r right but...think I will settle for Tourism Minister, then I shall get very very fat then can visit geishas of tokyo , birds of BKK an piao meis of Hainan every 2 weeks ! LOL !

maybe u could try some malay cookies in yr nex post ! TQ

u r right it has been like that for a while , except now people's eyes are beginning to widen , terribly if u know what we mean...

exaggerated like 10 X OMG ! LOL

congrats on latest breaking recipe on TV ! and ppl here we think misses 'that' sweet lady that started it all...
( floggers meets ...remember ?)

nowadays we feel sad when we eat , esp if eat like gluttons LOL !

Raya here is HUGE ! so huge u r never gonna believe it ! Y will soon see...
Anonymous said…
We were there at 3pm, our whole family,and wow, what an awesome feeling... Some came from as far as Penang and Kelantan!! The long long lines was worth the visit. Such a big crowd, all RACES, young and old, in such a harmonious Hari Raya spirit...

To AAB and crew... THANK YOU, and once again wishing all