Nyonya Colors

in a place called 1

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Award winning 1 Utama in Petaling Jaya , Selangor. One of the Top 6 Mega Shopping Malls in the City. Especially popular with couples , teenagers , families and tourists. Apart from a family shopping/entertainment getaway on weekends it is also a paradise (of sorts ) for the complete brand new ( aka latest !) Malaysian Cafe Xperience !

Such as this one packed to the brim below.


, 3 rd Floor Old Wing

Very competent in all departments ( except at the Cashier Counter ).

As to be expected prices are at least twice more colorful than
what you will get from the friendly black & white peddlars beside the roads.

For a closer more detailed & wider feel of other Cafes in PJ / KL Shopping Malls
try these 2 very fine dishes below

**wheels of happiness...our sweet lady
**boolicious...da Queen herself


Cat Cat said…
I missed shopping at One Utama... Haven't been there for almost 6 years and I bet there are lots of changes...
wmw said…
Need to go during non-peak hours.....:o)
Michelle said…
i don like nyonya colours..
their kuih.. "boh hor chiak"..
i rather buy those roadsides stalls.
haha yes..the prices r more colourful indeed compared to ur peddlars on the street..
Anonymous said…
Street food in air-conditioned environment? I don't mind if it's good and authentic.
Precious Pea said…
Eh??? You venturing into shopping malls now???
MeiyeN said…
aiseh... i think this is da only place that i have yet to try :p
cat cat
1 utama has really changed with the new wing, packed on every weekend and flushed with fancy designer avandgarde shops and new new cafes of every color !

u r right , the cashier had no time to collect $$$, maybe weekends are better u can eat no pay !

definitely u r right , roadsides are he originals and the genuines, as they say what u see is what you get ( no need extra colors ) !
eh swee cha bor ti si oo eng chia lu lim teh , ho boh ?

lu eh sin eh website ho say liau boey ?

haha dun u just luv colors ? !

its supposed to be authentic ( esp the global pricing)

we have decided to venture into spick nd spank for a while ! ...must get back to "civilisation" otherwise...

kwikly we await your XQsite touches of happiness
Michelle said…
haha ur hokkien translation gooddd..
eh me from klang doesnt mean i'm pure hokkien ok.. haha..

what teh u want to chia me? i don want nyonya colours..

my blog can say considered done..
hahaha.. feel free to visit.. lol
J u n e said…
u shud try the vietnam restaurant in midvalley!
great ! we shall be dropping in very often to Hokkian Land ( for hainanese treat ) !

so must be feeling good after exams ! yes we shall do soon on little vietnam ( heard sweet things bout this place ) !
Anonymous said…
i always bring my mama to eat there. the kuih sibeh ho chiak la. the curry mee in your picture is only rm7.90 de leh! you type wrong bo? i always eat until syok syok. i oso agree that the place very pack. very hard to find table but worth it. the pic you show oso make my hungry liao.... =_="