changing tastes

As our vehicle staggered along the road leading to the Federal Highway ( KL-Klang ), we managed to park along the broken kerbs we still vaguely remember just beside the little midnight tuck-shop famous for the big noodles splashed with black China vinegars , spicy clams , grilled fish and satay .

It is near da Teowchew then Hockchew then ?? (what the ) chicken rice shop ( with the boneless fair chicken meats + fish balls shop in Paramount Gardens PJ ( along same row as the new Seaview Restaurant )

the resulting blurred pixs of quite small flame from this strictly after 7 pm night stall

this off-color one was dished out like lightning ( without thunder )

followed by over-colored sticky smashed flatted wormies

lucky at least this one got some old feel

still too much ginger and garlic ( you mean people actually like it this way ?)

the morning after ( such a familiar nice name though)...
Its now clearer but no can't remember all those above neither should you !


Unknown said…
lolz, i'll ask her to read this
Oh man, I don't know about the food but the photos are so vibrant.
Tummythoz said…
Friends & I used to go there just for d lalas. Stopped after the taste disappointed us twice in a row. =(
Michelle said…
heheh mei yen's name.

I was about to scream "I WANT LALALALALA..." mana tau ur caption is so dis-tasting. (if there's such word.. lol)

issit THAT bad?
Cat Cat said…
Hokkien Mee for me anytime, team bsg... Ngam ngam...
we need to invite her here soon

TQ, inspite of blurred effects haha

things change right ? or we have changed LOL !

actually our secret ( haha) to food is to try all the distasteful ones first , then we shall know ( for sure ) what is truly
t a s t e f u l ( does that sound familiar (again...?)
cat cat
we do have great pixs and recommendations on hokkian mee, best one in Jln 222, near shell Station ( further one ) check out 'hokkian mee' TQ
Michelle said…
u'r making me grinning from ear to ear.. kekekekee
haha i always struggle to understand ur entries..creatively written..and i find myself cracking my brains to understand
UnkaLeong said…
The Chicken Rice shop next to it has my vote of confidence! Being able to survive by just selling chicken rice alone for the past decade or so, it's gotta have a little sumthin' sumthin' Hahaha...

Oh, the hokkien noodles are allright too :P
kekekeke u r funny eh just u wait!

please plse its supposed to be light & easy no need to think !
but we tend to be very sarcastic at times a h e m (someting we picked up earlier days when some ppl say they are xperts in certain food which we say %#$*0$@%! coz there is only one expert , & that is U,yourself,he,him. )

btw 2 of team bsg are in same line as you thoz u might wanna know!and TQ for yr straightforward Blog and staightforward opinions ,remember Yahoo? who ? !hahaha

great to know u r really back ! yes the neighbour chicken rice shop used to be my ex-boss fav coz his bro-in-law one !then sold to somebody and then sold again. the hokkian mee used to be tops and then well...
Wennn said…
U made me wanna go home looking at all the foodzzz.... Aiyahhhh help..
Unknown said…
yes, i a bit weird, i like things with lots of garlic and ginger. hehe.. yum yum...
Anonymous said…
Haha.. what a coincidence!