Charming Pangkor Island ?

The little tropical island of Pangkor in Perak, Malaysia ( you can actually cycle around the whole of this island within a leisurely 4 hours ) is a rather unassuming and laid back resort village trapped in a kind of time zone , quite like many offshore islands too in Malaysia . On the one hand bullish businessmen love tourists like heaven while on the other ( usually politically "correct" ) over-conservative 'naturalists' ( hahaha) fear the love-hate crowds will sooner or later cause the extinction of million-year-old natural attractions.

The total collapse of the awesome 'world famous" leatherback turtles of Trengganu maybe a case to ponder...meanwhile da finger pointing goes on...& on...

Perhaps we should LEARN ( not 'study' or 'tour' please ) from some other less endowed countries ( sounds familiar ?) but invariably seem better(smarter perhaps ?) prepared to handle tourists of any creed and kind, & who infact thrives on da Tourist Dollar as a Godsent( even with imitation beaches ala Sentosa Island , courtesy Singapore OMG !).

Never mind , meanwhile do enjoy the show below , on some still alluring natural ( not faked ) charms of Pangkor, often at remarkable prices that will bring :-))) to your faces as bright as the tropical glow here...errr ...ok lah sometimes...

Natural beauties imminently endangered ? ...we pray Pangkor 4 will be much brighter !

some places of interests...

Malay roadside delights , don't ever miss them !

Chinese backStreet bites, as chin-kee as they come

It does seem though that the much overhyped Visit Malaysia Year 2007 has no real positive effects on this quaint little island here... far as we see...


Anonymous said…
interesting photo frames :)
Am imagining the silver surfer eating the laksa and then do the backstreet kick! hahahha!
Anonymous said…
wah , do they really have those kung fu kicks at the backlanes of pangkor ? haha
Unknown said…
my family was there 2 months ago. teluk nipah is quite litterd with stalls ! water and sand good but road very crowded and vans park everywhere. they should control this better
Unknown said…
we always enjoy our trips to pangkor. the food is cheap and easy to get here too . but prices are going up and higher since last time
Anonymous said…
lol ! what a good rainy show !
got spiderman also . btw where the seafood pangkor famos one ?
Unknown said…
great to have you people over . next time try to stay longer , we must make trip to P sembilan .
cheers !
Anonymous said…
great slides , we seldom see this type of posting ! You guys must be Pangkor addicts how about the night life got or not ?
Anonymous said…
alamak itu laksa sedap kah
ada try itu ikan bakar pari sedap nya di nipah juga
Anonymous said…
美麗 ! tai how le'
great imagination ! silver surfer has gone to tioman btw haha

we did see some small kods behaving like that LOL !

tks fro dropping by , yes Nipah Bay is a bit messy with haphazard stalls all over. Suppose the gomen is tying to give max opportunities for business here

laksa used to be RM1.80 but now at least RM2.50 ( also bowls shrinking ) hahaha !

seafood in Pangkor quite basic , although fresh but really nothing to shout about ! Kg Cina on he mainland is better we thibk

yes indeed , we miss the ladies a lot.nex time must camp in t sekadas have a party !

tks for coming by , sadly pangkor people only watch TV at night and nothing much else !fishing folks generally. ourists only enjoy the nature no discos some small kalaokes here and there but close early

yang itu dah jadi banyak mahal skang ah sayang ? lain kali kita turun laut tangkap sendiri lah !

感謝 , kai cheuk wa men chai chee how ma? the drinks were nice TQ
Anonymous said…
OMG, the one dollar nasi lemak is a die for! Hey, your slideshow is cute but I don't like it. Lambatnya. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Post la actual photo. Can scroll even faster.
yr wish is our command , we will nex go and eat with you ( no photos allowed !) enjoyment is all ! LOL
k.t.x said…
i dont know whether i should reveal this, but for all the last 2 decades staying in perak, i hv never step foot in pangkor...i must i must i must, would be better if u could be there too...with yr cousin sistas...

say, lol.
ok man we shall stay in touch !
sounds awesome !