virgin mobile post

Thai styled beef curry on the go !

Finally thru

and this thing with internet browsing facilities you can engage in blogging

as you eat !

Except for the lack of color and maybe taste but why , its live for once !

Try it if u can, its simply amazing !


Anonymous said…
OMG, beef curry!
Precious Pea said…
Picture quality not bad....can see the glittering onions. Now, where you had this plate of mouth-watering beef curry?
Anonymous said…
which model hp you are using? ya, i try live instant blogging before once too via my SE 610i.

next time if you want to give us live blogging of food,why not give us a picture of one of you eating the food! that would be much better than seeing the food only! live blogging mah... must see people eating lor.
lucia has a point. next time, show a pic of u guys eating ler. that way, the expression says it all. no need to write anymore.
Unknown said…
i need a high tech hp like urs..:(
Wow, we're getting closer and closer to absolutely live blogging. Looks great.
Wennn said…
Waaaa eat and blog at the same time ah??? Keng ah!!
din know u love beef and curry ?

the pix quality seems ok . dish is at a Malay shop near Tg Malim .
Looks good ? ( tastes slightly glue-e tho )

we got you ! loud ! model is dopod 838 and pixs when taken can email direct to flickr where it then auto post to Blogger instantly ! neat ! but you have to set your flickr account first to sync with blogger but its simple no tech stuff

see nex post thanks to you ladies !
the pixs on eats and gulps in future gonna replace words soon hahaha

the toouble is its possible already but most times will easily get distracted when you are everywhere trying to stare into a small screen

can one but very troublesome one then must have mood also !
Anonymous said…
I can only afford the curry lah!
u just sell one tiny recipe of yours can buy 5 of those pdas already right ?
Junkgirl™ said…
Call that multi-tasking or killing 2 birds with 1 stone!
That looks pretty good, tasty enough. And you're right, it's live as you feed.
welcome back ! actually 3 , coz we could also take pixs with those giggling gals too haha
Unknown said…
Arrghh. aku dah lapar!

Looks a bit like Jap curry hor...
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