Singapore Laksa

the Southern challenge

Laksa is a spicy noodle dish ( with exceedingly aromatic/smelly soup ) and fondly acknowledged as a Thai-Malay-Nyonya Xtravaganza. Infact the numero uno Assam Laksa is Penang's pride and looks as sexy as can be , matched sensuously by its attacking multi-flavors mode which is as controversial as a sex bomb ( Beyonce ) can be.

...and so the promised station here we come

clinical, efficient ( reflecting its ultra clean Singapore heritage )

... but...we knew it !
the unaccomodating slippery firm noodles were in a class of its own
and couldn't sync with the flavorful thick soup...
for that the Penang version outclasses it by close to 750 km
try it yourself and let us know...
Kopitiam Killiney
44 , Jln SS 21 / 39
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya
Tel 03 - 77255130


Rasa Malaysia said…
I am confused...this Singapore laksa looks like it's using Penang Assam Laksa's noodles, but with Penang Curry Mee broth. But another confusion: if it's Assam Laksa, then you don't use tau pok, if it's curry mee, than you don't use eggs. Maybe this is a fusion lah...wahahahaha.
teckiee said…
too many laksa now a days la.... I think you put all this laksa in front of me.. i wont even know what laksa is what.
Anonymous said…
RM, perhaps it is lemak laksa instead of asam laksa? lemak laksa does look like this... oh but then the egg is still a mystery as whatever laksa, there's no egg.
Ginger said…
that looked like one special laksa to me! Regardless, I bet its yummy!
I'm not sure what this is either, but it looks delicious and I'd certainly eat it.
of coz they are confused , so they called it Spore Laksa hahaha

we shud go laksa shack one fine day...

but the taste like eating noodle and drink soup separately one OMG

the soup is fragrant and delicious tho

wish u could certainly , coz there are so many styles here
Unknown said…
Eh eh... Tak boleh panggil tu Laksa Singapura lah...

That's Franchise Chain Food!

Killiney, people here go there for the Kaya Toast and Coffee only. Other things, got other places to eat.

The famous Laksa in Spore is Katong Laksa, but in Katong itself, there's so many stalls! Aiyo!
tks , we shud keep a lookout for this katong laksa too