Selamat Berpuasa !

Selamat Berpuasa !, originally uploaded by backStreetGlutton.

...2 our Muslim friends , but after just one more (plse) of this classic Malaysian nasi lemak (coconut milk flavored steamed rice + mini fish + nuts + chicks etc )) on a plate , done by an Indian couple on a roadside stall, usually somewhere at a place near U...RM2.00



haha puasa? maybe i shud do the same lose some weight..
Wennn said…
I guess now U guys are getting the hang of posting things live.. So can let us still see the steam coming out from the plate ah??? Puasa oredi ah?? So fast meh??
Looks yummy. I'd eat it.
u must be kidding ! most people we know put on weight during this time for a good reason

ya loh so fast wan ! and the whole town is crazy with food !

bet u will love it too ! we wait
Unknown said…
I read in the newspaper that it is haram to eat feast during in bulan Ramadan. It's suppose to be a time to reflect and not gorge on food.

Only on Hari Raya then can feast.