seafood noodles , SS 4 , PJ

Alternative noodles , and seafood

SS 4 , PJ is a small housing area beside/behind the Kelana Jaya LRT Station with some nice bungalows and some shops.
So when Lynn ( the Mall Cafe specialist who specialises in eating small ) had a sudden craving for seafood and noodles she knew exactly where to go , near her office ! And true to her usual self I had to tag along to complete her pleasures ( no I am not complaining for that is also my specialty da sometimes tag along).

She wanted this gigantic bowl of soup with oysters and fish slices .
Probably one does tire of the usual daging ( meat) taste so this is a pretty fishy good choice.
Clear and tasty enough .
Of course the gluttony one in me would insist on this darker stronger version ,
the 'kono' dry one with 1 teaspoon flavored oil (I caught him puttin it in !) no less.

Actually she didn't say it but I guess these was what she came here for , all 30 of them (omg) ! Rounded oysters the sizes of your various finger tips . Very slurpy and may not be to everyone's taste buds , what with that distinctive aphrodiasical soft feel and alarmingly deep raw taste. Well you know who took more of these power transformer things .
Pricey though , our 1st bowl costs RM14 while the dried version RM11.
We needed lots of this taste enhancers / anti-raw deceptors ( fresh chilis in soya sauce ) + pepper for the complete vigorous experience !

Yes the name sounds familiar ! Just remember there are 2 names by the way,
one on each side....may have something to do with night and day.

Corner lot , SS 4 , PJ
Jalan SS4/5


Big Boys Oven said…
looks really gorgeous, my next stop!
Sounds great, I would totally dig in.
Michelle said…
aiks!!! look at the size of the oysters!!.. i rasa sayang d.. all "loved" up.. *craving*
Anonymous said…
Is that mee goreng?

And oh, look at those plump oysters...I think The Transformers ate that before they could do the transformation thingey. LOL!
Rasa Malaysia said…
OMG, those oysters look so good...I bet they are good. Yummy. I don't like big ones, that's a great size.
big boys
this shop is a bit identical to the last time famous Ah Koong Noodles ( Jln Changkat Thamby Doillah/USJ 9)and similarly pricey ! But heir oysters are rounded and bouncy

seafood noodles actually is a little tame compared to the more famous pork noodles

do you feel the err po.. l o v e ?

last time Malaysians were ranked ( by a Durex survey ) as only above Sporeans in bed( then both nearly last in the world ). This might be it , transform quick. Let team BSG ( also tigerfish) show them ok ! Can ?

yr nex trip remember these sizes
so is dis where u get ur of zinc?? hahha..alternative to viagra eh..
Cat Cat said…
I know exactly where this restaurant is located. Used to live around that area but never eaten there.
k.t.x said…
emmm, this is so extremely near to my 'other' office. i use to frequent this place ...only as an alternative. quite like their normal konlou fishball noodles. their seafood noodles, so so(showing palm lay downwards flat in a rockin manner), but the price is extremely steep people off.

i dont mind completttting the aphrodiasical trip with lynn
Michelle said…
ahahha wat u trying to say huh??
i don't get it..
teckiee said…
BBO..I want to tag! near my house.. less than 5 mins walk only. But I eat there ones.. didnt find it the bomb... The soup gets nicer later in the day so I suggest to go for lunch.. not breakfast
young man like you shudn't take so much of such things u know !

cat cat
must have fond memories of this place then ! nex time dun forget to try

dish not xtraordinary tasting good just to see those fat oysters maybe a 'wow' factor and yes very steep pricing can scare first timers OH Lynn u will sure wan !

means do you feel it , da ...
p o w e r of love !

we oredi know where your house now haha even the street and no