notes from the Perhentian Islands , Trengganu

in pursuit of nothingness

cool images from the beaches of Perhentian /Redang Islands

the Gluttons strike again, on land ( Kuala Besut , Trengganu )

...Food (?) from the resort ...


Anonymous said…
What? You mean you finished all the food and did not leave me with any? No wonder I come here "in pursuit of nothingness" :(
Omar Cruz said…
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Junkgirl™ said… of food..
How i wish i can just teleport home now
wmw said…
Wah! What a presentation...Good stuff!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Eh, how come the lalas are bigger than crabs? Hairan aje.
teckiee said…
Did you guys add vodka in your watermelon? ...and how did u manage to find durian in the island?!
no no we have them all here ( here ) and here ( with us all the time ), we neber forgits !

we shud swap with yr temperate shots !

stay where u are we give u more cravings ( sorry )from home !

actually we wanted to go see yr juicy perchiks but got too distracted as usual and eneded up in a thai restaurant called chengmai

we knew it ! yr superior canon trained eyes always catch such things ! u r right they(crabs) are 'big' but can swallow complete in half a mouth

they brought from besut one then red juice only got some tiger no vodka ( too strong for non-russians). now we shall call you teckiee the man( compliments Star )