lust , caution

broken eggs mania, PJ

Hainanese bun set , hot crispy butter kaya bun , coffee and 2 eggs RM5.50

Sukiko Cafe , Damansara Utama , PJ ( opposite Uptown Hawkers Square )
.. 4 de demurrrre Hainanese experience

Double dose of hearty porcine /cholesterol /caffeine irresistence ,
pork ball flat noodles, coffee and 2 eggs RM6.00

Restaurant Mayang Jaya , PJ
( best hideout for the illicit liasons ... upstairs chamber )

high rise banana leaf thosai , nasi lemak , teh tarik
& 2 eggs ( dripping one ) RM 5.50

Kanna Curry House , Section 17 , PJ ( near 'Rothmans 'roundabout,
but look right (upwards on slope ) as you go towards junction heading to SS 2 )
(best rat-alfresco banana leaf Xperience , with sleek grandma multi-curry gravies !

Caution : lust at own risks


MeiyeN said…
wey.... i saw nothing?!!! O_o no pics... or something wrong with my side here?
Tummythoz said…
Oh wow wow wow!
But those flying colourful lup-lup hearts looks a bit like flies ... =P
I'm not seeing anything either.
Michelle said…
getting all "lusty" now...
being a hainanese myself.. i'm so not aware of all these places... *guilty*
wmw said…
Cute video ....! Team BSG + Cute video = ????
SteamyKitchen said…
I love your slideshows - they are so cool!
J u n e said…
wahahha..i didnt know photobucket got such cool stuff..O.o

damn the pork ball noodle look damn nice..>.<
sorry ! too lusty forgot to open curtains !

hey are cruncily delicious u shud try them ( hear the crush ) !

oooops ! now rerolled sorry

wish u were more guilty, the hainanese ladies do have a certain ...errrrrrr... u know ...u shud have seen their (men) faces

= love and romance + lust maybe happiness 4ever

TQ , u look cool actually...very but ...warm

u wanna P balls ? they are solid alright, go get them soon !
Anonymous said…
simple dish but again... nice one!
Michelle said…
hm.. certain wat??
i'm kinda a blur hainanese girl..
Unknown said…
I saw soft egg yokes! Arrrghh.. That is lust!!!

I also see Lup Cheong!

Will be in KL this weekend, but all program packed up, hopefully can sneak out to eat some KL food!
Anonymous said…
Hahha....broken eggs that will never break our hearts! :D

I need to complete my "venture" into the Hainanese bun set.
Anonymous said…
OMG pork ball hor fun with glistening lard I am so craving for one now :3 *slurp*
sometimes when you touch...

...charm ( one of us did have somthin' goin' on with just one such intoxicating lady ), in China they were de piece resistence inspite of all the Emperor's dishes BION ( believe it or not )!
Hainanese gals are famous also for their ...errrr other many side dishes too,
wanna know more ? nex xcruciating episodes comin' up ! bout that bra that din fall

welcome to KL/PJ ! remember only the backlanes ok

not strangely their buns come with dripping ( not leaking ) butter and complete with sound

shud try the one in Lucky Gardens, bangsar but remember to pop in 2 more rawunraw eggs for el de sadisfashion ! recommended to have good co tho
Michelle said…
lol.. cant' wait.