looks does matter

a fishy attraction

what a funny extra-soft looking fish , then also like finless ...
... no .......it looks eggy !
& wow what tempting red gravy with those green dots everywhere

actually it is a Malay noodles pop-up (windows) innovation called mee gulung

( springy long yellow noodles fully sealed in tender omelette )
a spicy-sweety mee java look-alike
...really glaring looks @ RM3,50

be stunned by them in Langkawi / Lumut at a warung near you


Anonymous said…
yum yum!! mee! i love mee! and i love hot! this is available in langkawi? good! i'll be in langkawi this weekend so i'll watch out for it.
never seen this before. quite innovative. gravy looks like a tomato base?
Tummythoz said…
Been to that island but haven't seen this before. U guys really are ultra efficient food snoops!
Michelle said…
surprisingly unique
Anonymous said…
*rolls eyes*
Shall keep this in my list when I'm ready to pop over to Langkawi :)
wow..eggfest!..the noodle version of nasi goreng pattaya..
Anonymous said…
fishy attraction - you attracted to ahem.....TF? :p

So this is not fish lah..it's fish-looking like omelette? OH, only that countable strands of noodles?
remember the corner one

it is tomato base but similar to mee java base

look for it next time , just because its different . Yes u and us , da ultimate rought gentle guides

it is something new , we saw a european looking guy wallop 4 plates in Lumut

yes its interesting when the noodles pop up !

the pattaya one over the top , this one all over

some things are lovingly attractive and seducticve ( must be the fish !) ...those spoonfuls of strands are for starters only dear
Looks delicious. You certainly eat with your eyes first, even when just serving yourself!
Unknown said…
i was deceived! it certainly look like some fish dishes..credits to to the chef for his creativity and credits to the team for putting this up
it is delicious ! one fine day...u will get yr taste...

it is a new discovery and yes TQ