heavenly snack

@ 3000 feet high

Gallivanting from the muggy lowlands on the West Coast ( Perak ) across the (last-time communist infested ) East-West Highway ( Gerik-Jeli ) while passing through the
Belum Forest do pause and admire the most heavenly view as you soak in the
marvellous cool breeze . You are in the ' luckier ' country after all .
Another top -of -the -world feeling !
Gorgeous greeneries and sweeping hills . ...wish u were here ...

The burger stall at the out-of-the-blue rest stop right after the closed-for-renovation
Baling Island Resort as you crawl your winding way upwards from cowboy town
Gerik towards Old-World Jeli ( Kelantan )

the highlands Ramly burger , a welcome snack before you meet the roaming elephants ahead
( in case you have to bribe them to give way or take photos !)


MeiyeN said…
wooohoo... da burger looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!! what a nice view....
Anonymous said…
Suddenly feel like wanna go to Cameron Highlands for tea!
Anonymous said…
wow! da' femes ramly burger high up in the highland? awesome!
wah..ramly burger up there..thats damn creative haha..
Yinsi Yat said…
Woah! so near already didn't cross border ar?
the weather's fine and the place is really high but as usual poorly promoted !

this one u may catch some elephants but no strawberries ok

underpromoted national treasure and classic burgerman high up

got got but cannot report yet
teckiee said…
hahahah this is what i really call enjoying your ramli burger
Jackson said…
wow... u must be "high" while u bite on the ramli burger @ highland!!
it certainly is since there are none else !

high and very cilly cold lah !