gourmet fantasy

of a Prince Charming kind

The Chinese really crave for the exoticas and the elixirs right ? ...ever since Qing Shi Huang Ti ( China's first Emperor circa 250 BC ) dispatched 500 virile men/women to faraway islands in search of the elusive one ? History didn't record that they failed, neither did it tell you whatever happened to these brave men & women . Some say thank god for them otherwise there will be no sushi . Nearer home & in the present , we also crave for some solid stuff , especially after a heady round of golden juice & noisy high tension nearby + the slender demure ones that slipped away...

First this promised tonic must come out boiling hot in an aluminium double candle-fired cauldron
( must see & hear hissing steam) , skinless and gorgeously streamlined athletic drumsticks stratigically positioned to be in front. Ask to open that standby Xtra chicken (real one) juice ( regular pack ) yourself and splash the dark contents in quickly. Then relish the pure dreams of levitating utopia as the flaming gingerised chicken goodness ++ slurps into your tired souls ...do you feel it ? ..is it coming...dear ?

...that surge of well-being , that flowing power ?

...da clear steamed water chicken ( frog ) with Brands chicken essence .
A house speciality in this small Ipoh Garden restaurant.

To avoid the sudden rise in Yang 陽 make sure you take double the equivalent of this
greeny Ying 陰 thing ok
( must be some kind of magic beans from the ancient empire , very very crunchy and fresh )

They also have a few more other aphrodisiacs up their sleeves we were told
Just make sure you let us know when the Prince wakes up ok !
Restoran Makanan Laut Choy Kee
111 , Jln Lau Pak Khuan
Ipoh Garden
Ipoh , Perak
tel : 05 - 5499127


冷血 said…
i like to eat so...
when i c ur blog i will like it so much

thanks 4 sharing...
sc said…
man, that's double nourishment! so very bao!! be careful if u get nosebleed..hehehe
Those green beans look great! They're my favorite.
Yinsi Yat said…
Yummy-yummy..when can I tag along? kekekeke
Junkgirl™ said…
I'll skip the 'water chicken' but the 'ying' dish looks tasty
Anonymous said…
I remember tasting a similar dish of frog+essence back in Singapore. It was really good :p
welcome to bsg , the underdog connoisseurs ! u have a very cool travel site , well done

true , but we needed em ! so power
so taste so chun

they seem to be better than french beans ( probably an enhanced version )

when u get yr giant baraccuda soon , we steam we pour chicken sauce we sapu ok !( dun 4get da Piao Mei )

why ? the frog tho not so handsome now is charming wat ? got no fats one

it should come out steaming hot then it is really unique & delicious ( got feel da power ornot ?)
MeiyeN said…
wow..... from your words, i can sense that it's helluva yummy.. da beans must be something special but why so far? :(
Precious Pea said…
Yummy yummy! From Cameron to Ipoh huh? Need to note down all the great places you visited oledi.
Cat Cat said…
Nice blog team bsg... Yummy food. Ipoh is famous for its food especially the Nga Choy Kai... YUM.
Unknown said…
ooouch shame on me..im staying some where around but have never heard about this place b4 :(
Anonymous said…
You guys go to Ipoh quite frequent eh? Both Choy Kee and the next door Yeh Lai Ong are open till wee hours.
its quite delicious actuially and then fatless , hey only 2 hrs away very (near)lah

we secretly wish some certain exciting ppl will be by our sides ( soon )

cat cat
ipoh is great for casual dining , ppl here seem more easy going here than KL and food quality one of da best in country !

thats coz u r so busy with all those yummilicious offerings a bit far away !

u must cover that S#$citing night spots round Jusco area soon ( coz V dun remember much if you know what we mean !)
Anonymous said…
People should read this.