fishing in da kampung

the small one that din get away

Lenggong in Perak , used to be a total unknown, save for those xcitable border crossers via Grik ( some say Gerik , not Greek ), houses a livingdead treasure of arguably ( don't they always ?)
the oldest human fossils of the Peninsula ( oh never mind all these ancient archaeological and historical geograpical lingos ) . Just remember the next time you attempt to cross that border or head towards Pulau Redang via Ipoh/Butterworth then be sure to detour a little bit into this
tidy little town surrounded by many lakes and ponds.

watch out !

this one is only a d r e a m ... at least in Malaysia anyway

this one is for real...the catfish (pak su kung ) ( fresh pondwater fish ) dish famous in this little town. Steamed to a delicate perfection , oozing with the slurpiest fats to rival the expensive imported codfish. But at RM30 for small you just might want to consider ( next time lah ) that mouth-watering aroma-pinging cod you have been eyeing for in a roadside shed in gastronomical haven Menglembu ( 8km West of Ipoh ) which you passed by yesterday .

anyway try this extra famous Chinese seafood ( or lakefood ) restaurant ( Sin Hup Yik )
in Lenggong ,
where real celebrities ( not us ) meet and talk about the ones that got away.


Yinsi Yat said…
OMG!!! I can imaging the thrilled in bring that fish up. How many lbs line dine you used?
Babe_KL said…
omigosh so huge!!! haha i thot you reeled dat one in :p
sc said…
that's one huge @$$ fish! that's real? the steam one looks yummy...
Rasa Malaysia said…
OMG, that fish is almost looks like the movie JAWS!
Anonymous said…
Tiger is part of Cat family, so Catfish is a family member of Tigerfish! how can you eat me!!! :O
MeiyeN said…
i like "pak sou koong"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yummzzzzz..... and that fish.. omg, so gigantic!!!! is that real???
Wennn said…
Waaa I realli tot tat fish is sooooo BIG!!
Everyday Healy said…
that dream .... really big man! I think I will get even excited if I can see the real one placing right in front of me! But, frankly, by looking at it, I will be full before I eat! hahaha....
teckiee said…
that fish can eat me anytime.
Gosh that fish sure looks yummy. The fattier the better. heehee.
he said 130lbs test line but actually it was more the thrill and the struggle to rein it in ! all of 90 mins

but it was fun watching though !

the steamed one actually doesn't taste so classic , think the Goh Tong Jaya Genting Highlands people do a better job here !

jaws will swallow it + us in 1 sec flat !

u r giving us errrrrrrr ideas bout ...u .....OMG !

of coz da fish is real ! just like us. Pak Su Kong best one comes from Temerloh Pahang

that fish is the biggest freshwater fish( not cat ) in the world lah !

sure makes even us full !

hahaha we also wanna eat ... U too ! seriously PSK fish tastes very oily but damn tender like margarine and then got no earth smell. the cousin Patin even better
we have discovered about 15 % of yr fave tastes and textures oredi and fatty catfish shud come a close 4th after intoxicating halaless siew yoke, beered wagyu beef & chilled raw NZ oysters
Dudes, how can u forget my craving for japanese food? That would account for the remaining 85%.
Anonymous said…
Omigawd~~ So huge!
Anonymous said…
whoa! i had seen giant fish not yet cooked (esp. when the fisherman posed proudly beside it) many times but this is the first time i saw a giant fish cooked and on the table.
sorry dear we forgot your raw cravings !

believe it or not

really ! its monstrouus