romantic Cameron Highlands , Malaysia

its still cool...

fascinatingly fresh ... as always

splendid colors !

coolest cuisine , anywhere

truly Malaysia...catch it live ( at a place near you ) !


Great slide shows, looks tasty.
k.t.x said…
gawd, what an 5EXperiance watching slide on what's truly aSEa!!! lol! it's so intriguing to watch the slides transform from one form into sensual and mouthwatering! SLURP!
Anonymous said…
I can imagine enjoying all the spicy dishes in the cooling Highlands. It always raises the spice threshold. No sweat, man!
wmw said…
Where ever you lay your hat, that's your home!
Jackson said…
wow... now u start slide show....good job!!
Tummythoz said…
Like watching a mesmerising tourism ad for Cameron! Gomen shd had awarded u the tender ..
Anonymous said…
the slide shows are nice... but then it takes a long time to load them.

is it easy to do the slides? how about being a sifu to me to teach me how to do it?
TQ we r still Xperimenting with 'slide' , looks cool

v r still looking 4 that ultimate online simulation 4D fantasy , hope we find it soon

just remember in the smaller towns a little higher up like Kg Raja & Trinkap there are gorgeous fish dishes waiting for u ( & us )

well said TQ ( wait till u hear bout that lady of 75 )

nex yr turn ! how they go inside you ( all da 16 dishes )

trouble was , we were in the backStreets while they were at the Big Roads ( actually they were getting drunk in Big Apple & Eye of london + gay Parree those as#$^%&*s !)

step 1 go to slide (click on any of our images above )
step 2 sign up as member
step 3 upload yr set of chosen images
step 4 choose style/theme/etc
step 5 copy code (provided)
step 6 paste to yr web page
thats it ...good luck !