down by the river

inside and/or beside the big drain

Parit beside Perak River (West Malaysia's 2nd largest ), near ' white chicken ' city Ipoh resembles many a Malaysian pre-war small kampung 50 years ago. Some sentimental City folks ( like us )and outdoor adventure seekers ( like those backtrekkers ) used to reminising about the lost romantic 'old world ' should mark this name , which means drain or ditch. Though sounding a bit forsaken & lost it nevertheless does provide some interesting food for thought.

sombre and forlorn few shops here and there inside the 'town centre'.

until you see this crowded shed.

happy faces . food !

side profile

west bank

da kitchen ( what do you expect )

and this is no rat-atouille I tell you. Gorgeous Mee Hailam smack in the middle of nowhere. enjoyed by all and sundry. The Hokkian Mee lookalike minus the over-sensitive pork

but enough to perk you up strongly @RM3.20.
Why is it in the kampungs 'got' so many non -Chinese aka Malays/Indians
in Chinaman eating shops ?
Surely you don't need to spend RM100 million to
celebrate Merdeka ! in the Cities !
Do it right here and now ! the kampungs !
Happy eating !


Anonymous said…
Thought it's a mamak food post until I see the sign that says Mee Hailam. Muhibbah! The noodle looks great, not as oily as Hokkien fried noodle
Precious Pea said…
Team, I suggest you guys to publish a booklet on your food exploration. Exploration of the unexplored.
MeiyeN said…
rm 3.20? good deal!!!!!! seriously, it looks like "hokkien mee".. why "mee hailam" huh?
wmw said…
hahaha...exploration of the unexplored, gone where no man has gone before!
k.t.x said…
i think is should think about doing up a chart to cover all these "colonial hamlets in perak in 10 days" kinda thing. it'd be so fun!
Anonymous said…
Mee Hailam is very similar with Mee Hokkien isnt't it?
Anonymous said…
you mean the mee hailam similiar to KL's hokkien mee (the black sauce one, not penang's hokkien mee with prawns stock)?

i'm sure i would love the mee hailam since i'm a very 'mee' person. don't like bee-hoon. always go for "mee only" in any noodle dish.
Kampung not poisoned by extremists yet. Yay.
actually to the unfamiliar it tastes same as for the hokkian mee ! except they use chicken and beef for meat. even color and feel are similar ( but what a big Malay/Indon crowd ). here so common like so normal ( KL like sooooooooo abnormal )

before we do that need yr valuable taste acceptance & ok ! ( seriously it is an interesting project which some like the Star has already tried with their Msian Street Food Guide altho we think they are skimming the skin only )

coz the shops here while speaking canto we think are hainanese of an ancient civilisation( haha ) but one distinctive shop ( with newspaper cuttings ) seems to be older than the famous Yut Kee in KL and also have similar menu of chops and steaks with noodles .
We await your review soon !

we are short of some outback ladies tho !

ya starting fr kampar balls to ipoh chicks to menglembu porks to gerik iguanas and KK laksa but think need only 48 hrs ! stby !

it is identical except pork only.
suppose only the cook is hainan

this pekan is a Hailam town and this dish is da P de resist

except they resist yr fave meat but dun worri we stby big one just 4 u ...Today Budget Day u not busy ah ? then sommore Malacca Xtremists trying to be funny with those farmers how can ! terrible terrible