Discovery SS 2 , PJ

A 45 minute break fast

this iconic bustling alpha numeric planned residential cum business zone ( forming part of PJ City, a satellite township 20 km west of Kuala Lumpur ) not generally noted for outstanding cuisine ( or what else) does have some redeeming gastronomical hotshots which we present to you , no holds barred ( ...for once !)

the famous nasi lemak corner stall in front of the SS2 Police Station / beside BHP petrol station run by a few baseball capped slippered Malay youngsters is crowded most mornings with the early office crowd and the moms doing takeaways , but thanks to the Muslim Fasting Month is now almost empty ( 7.45 am )

Your order is hastily whisked away into a hollow brown paper pyramid preloaded with a plastic spoon and a fork and flooded with loose sambal and the stained scissors chom chom to give you a messy dish like this , as you dine in breezy comfort with a dozen or so cats scrambling below you. Rice has no coconuty milk aroma while spicy sambal has 2 or 3 zeros missing from the classic oomph. Sotong (cuttlefish ) bits bouncy while daging (beef ) appears lost . Presentation 1 out of 5 , taste 2.8 , ambience 2 , price RM3.5 slighty offensive ,
overall can be missed without any ill-effects.

aha ! the aristocratic stares from the well trained helpers of the most famous of all famous Indian Muslim ( Mamak ) restaurants in PJ , this one from the Royalty/Police endorsed SS 2 PJ Kayu behind equally famous Mee Yoke Lim ( of Chow Yang fame ).

90 sens oily roti canai with RM1.50 teh tarik . Verdict :ambience 3 , roti taste 2 , teh tarik taste 1.5 , fish curry gravy 2 becoz too salty , price sinful ( also got tax one ), overall roti canai & teh tarik 2 out of 5 . Please miss if you can.
one man busy busy Chee Cheong Fun ( flat rice vermicelli ) stall beside mee yoke lim ,
Mee Yoke Lim SS 2 PJ .

each piece 60 sen . Multi boiled/fried tofu/fish paste/vegetable noodle delight. Topped with distinctive brown sweety gravy sprinkled with sesame seeds. Add chili sauce to taste.
Verdict : 5 stars , do not miss... at all costs !

non-stop ( unstoppable ) classy Chinaman doing his thing. the eccentric long limb guy .

the Mee Yoke Lim SS 2 PJ Penang Prawn Mee ( spicy noodles in prawny soup ).
A PJ Classic/ Hall of Fame Winner . Miss it at your own peril .

BKT ( bak kut teh corner ) , few shops down from Kayu , SS 2 , PJ . Exceptionally crowded !

you will definitely need anciently goodness Chinese tea in mini cups .

smiling cashier ( we know why )

BKT teochew styled version , milder than the Klang ( 30 km north of PJ ) masterpiece.
Boiled pork meat in sreaming dark medicinal (as proudly claimed ) herbal soup . Sprinkled with Chinese coriander leaves . Fresh . A little sweety . Feel da power !
Price from RM 7.50 per person basic .
Verdict : 4 out of 5 .
Highly recommended . Check also for ginseng chickens + broken fish heads .
( thats another story )


Tummythoz said…
Just luv such review. Will definitely try that bkt. Err similar to d one at Jln Ipoh?
Michelle said…
the bkt is nice?? looks not tempting enough for me though.. ehehe.. will try it one day..
Junkgirl™ said…
There is a Kayu branch in Melbourne, Australia but it is..describing it in the Msian way - lousy.
Everything looks great ... now I'm really starving!
Cat Cat said…
I heard alot about Kayu and thought they always served good food... Their nasi briyani are the best. Roti canai "mo tak thing"... Teh tarik kau kau mari...
What's happenned?
Unknown said…
theres ang kee and shanky at the same row too.. very nice dai chow food
MeiyeN said…
O_o i didn't know there's one mamak stall near da police station? shame on me...
Precious Pea said…
You stepped into my territory and you never even invite??

The nasi lemak stall is my favourite, patron this place from small till now...still the best ever. Fyi, i had it last Sat and this morning....cos this is the only time crowd-less. Hehehe.
wmw said…
Yalah, why never call us leh??? huh? Huh?? hahaha....
No dear , the Jln Ipoh one is very close to the Klang version which is darker , deeper and more sinister than this teowchew more demure gentle one , but here the meaty taste can be clearly felt and less of a heavier medicinal hangover !If you prefer it strong and lingering non-stop Jln Ipoh is da one but if you prefer light and serene this is it !

you nust be the xtra strong darker type ! LOL

Malaysians , as the inventor of BKT will not accept that there are good BKT found elasewhere , and yes we have heard some poor imitations here and there !

remember what we told ya bout the ...soon... thing...ok

cat cat
they can be pretty good if they want , maybe distracted by the fasting month and too many outlets ?

have noted them down deeply as are heighteningly expectently delicious comments from the 2
SS2 specialist gourmets below

this corner one is Malay wmw will be happy to belanja you ( we think )?

1000 apologies we oni had 48 mins now we know almost all about SS2 ( the one 28 yrs ago )

hahaha will call u tohight dearest
teckiee said…
ehh just ate here on Sat
we knew you were near ( ever since those karipap days remember?)