Celebrating the Budget 2008

Cheers ! it is no longer sinful...

new alternative beer in town ... delicate , full bodied 5.5 % but easy going.
Masterfully Brewed in Klang

Heineken de Brad da Pitt . Why , its wheels of happiness !

only a whiff away from drunken stupor

a view to a kill.
relax ! , its only the weekend...


teckiee said…
hahahahah you men dont need backstreet food. you just need booze!
Mmmm, beer. Looks good.
LOL. Never heard of Jaz. Heineken's okay, I guess. Oooh I'm on your dopod.
eh y nvr visit my blog while drinking beer..i miss my beer..stella artois and becks..wahahah..sapporo also..now i m stuck with tiger..
Anonymous said…
heineken very the expensive so try only once in a long while. usually go for the cheapo but not bad anchor or tiger (sometimes carlsberg). :)
not true ! we miss the happy co !

almost drunk there watching NZ against Italy ESPN

wish you were outside the dopod and beside

tiger with Jess Alba's fine too right ?

try Jaz nex its cheaper and then more kick !