Balls a-live !

When u r a little short of time & it tastes good just cram it in . Coz got more to come !
Key Way Restaurant in Paramount Gardens (behind ultra -famous O&S ) P J.

De dim sum alternative.

Another great breakfast idea from d team , this time real X . 7.45 am .


MeiyeN said…
oh that rest serves dimsum? goodie..... :D
Omg when i asked for visuals, I didn't expect this! I think I'm gonna have nightmares. haha.
teckiee said…
HAHAHHAHA *laughs at LL comment*

Did you know the Dim Sum place in Taman Megah and this shop is related? They make the same dim sum and just bring it over to each other's place
Anonymous said…
Fish or sotong ball or what? Hehehehhe
now shud go try here , parking's easier & space bigger too

u can bring out da wild in us for sure...x thats for starters he..hehe.hehehe (sinister small intermittent laugh)

so glad you have been laughing a fair bit lately , away from all those food and roams !

u r tempting us ...and soon...somethings gonna...
wmw said…
Looks at pic, reads LL's comment...LOL
Junkgirl™ said…
Don't get too excited & choke yourself ...
we haven't shown u all yet

thats a fair enough warning !