Sarawak Laksa KL/PJ

An imitation , some lookalikes and ...

It is an anomaly of Malaysia , where we think our East Malaysian counterparts are closer to Brunei ( they are neighbours ) and Singapore ( perhaps the shoppings' great ) as they really are to where they 'should be' ... i.e. the Peninsular ( meaning this side ). Infact there is even some measure of disagreement as to the figure 50 and 44 between East & West ( or are we really that young ah ? ).

Other than those occassional oh-u-come-from-there-issit colleagues from there and those friendlier hostesses at the bistros over here in KL these grossly misunderstood
Sarawak noodles may well tell another familiar story.

this one from the all-in-one laksa Xpert Laksa Shack in Giant Kelana Jaya.
Definitely an out-of-tune imitation except price @ RM8.90++ .
Leaves one shaking head.
A lookalike in Taman Megah PJ ( Restoran Gembira ) . Kuching laksa it is called.
Yes , only in luscious prawny looks @RM4.50.

Just next door Taman Megah another one ! ( Restoran Megah Good Luck )
another copycat but definitely forgot to bring along his flavorer from Sibu . RM4.50

Still after all is said , we have to get back to Nam Chun , Lucky Gardens , Bangsar( KL) for this close as you can get Sarawak Laksa .
Never mind the price , it tastes and feels just great, finally !


Looks delicious. Those prawns have great color.
Yinsi Yat said…
Yummy-yummy! These are my favorites. hehehe
Rasa Malaysia said…
I never tried this but was told that it's a combination of Penang Hokkien Mee and Curry that true?
Anonymous said…
Spare me the geography leh!
I thought it looked like Mee Siam (the 3rd pix, esp)
I don't think I ever tried sarawak laksa. :O
Wennn said…
Sarawak Laksa?? No try b4 wor!! Hmmm write down somewhere first!!!
teckiee said…
I only learn of Sarawak laksa when I at in Laksa Shank.. So many types of laksa.
Jackson said…
i dun like those from the Laksa expert too
k.t.x said…
i could hv guessed a 100% from 'top to bottom' of this laksa post of yeah, bangsar's the one!
Unknown said…
hahah lol at the laksa shack leave u shacking head..true so tempted to try out the nam chuan's srw laksa since u claimed it as the best
Michelle said…
well. i know it's bout laksa..
but i can't take my eyes off all those fatty-licious prawns. YUM!!
wmw said…
Yes, Nam Chuan is my fave source for Sarawak Laksa!
Anonymous said…
Amazingly, I have yet to try the Nam Chuan's despite working so nearby!
they should have called it sarawak prawn noodle since the prawns are so prominent !

still waiting for yr ketam prawns to make craxckers, faster lah

there is no prawny taste at all in the soup which tastes of a mild form of curry so it is a dish by itself tho a little sour. but it is good !

this dish is rare in KL as are the West but everywhere in Sarawak. Tastes quite nice aka a mild foem of curry mee ( but the prawns omg )

looks like yr must try dish is getting very very big lah !

laksa shack is pretty inconsistent from outlet to outlet and sometimes we think they get everything mixed up , afterall they have more than 10 types of laksa ! and then looks nearly all the same with those big shelled prawns everywhere

definitely a connoiseur like you will reject this expert lah

this bangsar one is in a class of its own ( so far )

if it is not the best we give you a refund...but only after you treat us Lim mee yoke SS@ LOL !

then you should love Champs prawn mee with giant prawns @RM18 !
or the mamak giant prawns @RM25 each !hhaha

right on dahl.. ( sorry si...)

kwikly bring your gang there ! will love to see you shoot them !dun forget steven CKT also
Anonymous said…
Laksa Xpert version looks like a mix of here and there...
commercially we believe the expert is filling a critical void for halal chinaman styled noodles don'tyou think !
Anonymous said…
Has anyone tried the sarawak laksa at hai siang kopitiam in puchong?
we have noted this shop TQ !