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Malaysian Football ... the goal is Nasi Lemak !
by Devinder Singh 10 Aug 2007 courtesy NST

this one... world class international players

here...world class food summit

our very own ... world class Malaysian nasi lemak , ...G O A L...G o a l !!

THE Malaysian senior football team prefers to gorge on nasi lemak, roti canai and keropok lekor rather than take dietary supplements which had instead found its way into trash bins.

It was revealed that the Malaysian football team that reached unprecedented lows at the Asian Cup, ignored conventional wisdom and refused RM200 worth of dietary supplements each. What was more galling is that the supplements were discarded unopened into trash bins in their hotel rooms.

Dr Fajcsak, who oversees the nutritional requirements of the national Under-23 football team, said Malaysians’ penchant for deep-fried and high-fat food is detrimental to physical development, especially for elite-level athletes. In fact, one of the Olympic twins in the senior team (defender Aidil Zafuan Abdul Razak) was the only player in that team who could run up and down the field in accordance to what was required at the international level ."If you look at Japanese and Korean athletes, their fitness levels are very high because they maintain proper diets. You do not see them frequenting fast food outlets at 11pm for recovery meals,"

say...how 'bout this one...thrashed ? ... or ...

these trash bins ?


another the team exclusive scoop ( cut short , trashed )


for more see we love nasi lemak don't you ?


Anonymous said…
Perhaps they should reshuffle their mindset as well. But can't blame them as they are living in the land of food :P

Nasi lemak FC vs. Health supplements United

Result: 2-0
That soccer photo is awesome.
MeiyeN said…
lol.... good storyboard! :D
Anonymous said…
all world class except our football team? you vely naughty! insinuating our football players are trash! :)

can't blame them if they prefer nasi lemak over their dietary supplements. nasi lemak rules! nasi lemak best!
Tummythoz said…
No wonder need to send far far away overseas for training.
Anonymous said…
This is an easier goal for me, Nasi Lemak!

Without nasi lemak, how to get motivated for the game? So detrimental for the brain.
hahaha but actually our footballers are stuck in multiple problems , from political officials to more than nasi lemak !

onfortunately they are not from the Malaysian team...if only !

more to come , to shoot

we love NL , u know they din say anything about women , yet...

trouble is far far away also they carry their NL with them OMG !

food is the source of all evil...( hehehe ), but do carry on yr awesome recipes !