one plate wonder

Style & Elegance
the original shop in PJ State., Right beside the re-renovated RHB Bank. Yes , it looks so ordinary, and sober ( too near da Bank probably ).

About time !

real classy sassy Nyonya fried rice . A standout unique all-in-one gourmet rice treat with raw onion slices , fresh mango strips , egg strings , dark & saucy chicken bits , 1/4 cut fresh lime ,
28 one sen coin sized golden springy shrimps , etc etc and etc.

You dunno fried rice if you have not tried this, ...all 4 RM7

Sri Melaka
PJ State
03 - 705 63497


k.t.x said…
hv not been to this place for a really long time but with the amount of fried rice i hv been tampering myself with lately, i would make a good fried rice sampler..........

hey this one looks more like thai style man. where r the otak otaks? or....petai? lol.
Anonymous said…
Dun think I have tried fried rice -Nyonya style, before :o
HOw can I try this ? Send over, pa-leassse ?
You counted the shrimps????
wmw said…
I like the Nyonya friend rice...but it's pretty inconsistent in taste depending on the location of the outlets!
Yinsi Yat said…
How izzit ? Nice anot?
It's pretty food, looks appetizing.
of coz thai cuisine is more than a match for this rice and petai wait 4 u to come bek ok !

if u promise to send us yr noodle balls , can ?

nope v sapuood them and felt more than 25 of them

then u shud return to the source here in State they are pretty consistent

very very nice man i tell u ! the onion smell lasted 2 days

maybe u should try to cook this one ? hahaha