Malay Delights in Red Light Street

lure of the Cutie
This was what caught our eyes , de sweetest looking thing in high heels
da morning after. And so nearer we come. ... pretending to admire the multitude of loving colors spread within normal sniffing range.
Right where ( dirty) Chinaman Street , Jln Alor KL begins.

Quite nice feeling actually , tho your original sinister pursuit has now been distracted and your basic instinct erupts once again to take hold .

... wait... momentarily the memory-recall gluttony urges spark and you are helpless ogling these striking long leggy curvy strands ( mee goreng , or fried noodles ).

anyway while we are here might as well succumb to this smouldering Star nasi lemak

( aroma-ed to hot pungent perfection ) as befit its sacred aura as

Malaysia's numero uno stand alone wonder

the other addictive rubbery sexilicious variant , pricy sambal sotong (very spicy cuttlefish )

guaranteed to have you gasping for more , if not ( thank goodness ) for the disturbing $ signs and dark images of loose cholesterol molecules

yes , street food rules. even if it is in the wrong place and wrong time.

NB : this popular Malay stall ( opens 7.30 am ) smack in Chinaman territory is manned by a family of 6 ( we think , including da cutie) and is highly ranked by BSG. Prices are at street food levels starting from 60 sen a bite so eat all you want , only watch those

imaginary +ve proteins and -ve fats .

Jln Alor is a short road parallel to Jln Bukit Bintang in KL and famous for a great variety of

Chinese hawker food and after-12 misentertainment of the adult kind.


Looks like an interesting location.
Anonymous said…
jalan alor is the one place i'm familiar with since when i was in kl i stay in 2 hotels in jalan alor, and one in cangkat bkt bintang which is just nearby to jalan alor - thus i have the opportunity to wander around jalan alor for the food! didn't realise there is a malay stall there, as i thought all chinamen food.
Everyday Healy said…
waw... I really missed Nasi Lemak in KL! These mamak food looks delicious! Mmm... Yummy! Very attractive food pic! :)
k.t.x said…
when u hv 2 subjects in a writeup, i get confused whether u were referring to the cutie or the nasi. lol. so, at 730am, it was after "work" or to work for u? lol....aiyahh...dont shy shy
i probably miss my working hours because i will be busily walking around the area for food!
Babe_KL said…
one of the better nasi lemak in town definitely!

toni, how did you put in the drop down list box for your links??? HELP!!! i need to put them for my long list too :(
Anonymous said…
Red mee goreng, red sambal sotong, no wonder red light!
v will show you around ok

this place got interesting things all round

tks for visiting and yes ! KL is a food paradise !

hahaha u r so sharp so early !
we await yr esteemed co

just make sure u dun get caught by da ladies LOL !

thoz we saw you there just now ?
so does that drop down thing work ?

u r right ! we r not gonna tell u sommore red things lah!