stories from Anson Bay

a marooned ship , shaky highrise
& simply noodles

the economic green powerhouses of Malaysia . Abundant here in the flatlands
as far as the eyes can see. The golden crop . Future Savior. Self generating......unlike Trengganu's depleting crude oils.

You have been duly warned..

it begins once you cross this steady narrow bridge over the gentle Perak River ,
which is a vital part of the West Coast road link from Klang to Lumut .

this more than RM35 million completed cargo ship which was to be launched a week ago has been unceremoniously stranded , due to a failure in the rubber rollers.
But worry not , it has spawned a new-found celebrity status for
this almost forgotten town for now overexcited hordes of
previously indifferent travellers / passers by
are now suddenly drawn to this otherwise
staid and bland town ...for da latest visual circus
meanwhile 6 km away , the signature tilted (sengget) pagoda
( the imitation Beijing Temple of Heaven )
along the winding river is still looking up ...& standing
...T A L L... just like the famous leaning Tower of Pisa far away
even tho it is partially out of bounds to visitors for safety reasons

then to keep one occupied they have this ubiquitous down-to-earth
flat rice noodles multi-layered with
some flavorful dark things, simply called teluk intan chee cheong fun ,
which comes with cut sour green chillis
Teluk Intan ( previously called Teluk Anson , 'Anson Bay' ) has no bays and is
situated inland after Bidor, West of Kampar and 'on the way to Lumut '
if you could , you should stay longer for the catfish porridge and those eels


k.t.x said…
wow, anson, a place where i used to hang out at my aunty's former hotel with her hainanese husband where the fragrant of fresh roti filled the whole establishment. a place where my parents were posted in their early teaching days. i hv not been there for yearrrrrrs now.

but, errrr, unfortunately, still, dont quite crave for anson CCF, which my mom loves sooo veli much.
Unknown said…
One of these days must travel up all the way to Telok Intan.

And try the food there man....
Those green chillies. I love pickled green chillies. I am one of those that will finish up half the containers when I eat out. haha...
teckiee said…
Aishehh i have eaten imitation eluk intan chee cheong fun in KL. Been there a few times but don't know where the stall is.
Looks pretty cool to me.
Anonymous said…
What is the "some flavorful dark things"? I've had ccf similar like that (with preserved green chili) before, and love it. Wonder if it's the same thing. It also has "some flavorful dark things"...seems like chye poh...
Unknown said…
teluk intan chee cheong fun is the best ccf that ive ever had..yummy licious..
oh , then u must have really enjoyed fishing by the river bank.
Anson is as slowmoving as ever and only memorable still for this CCF and leaning tower. dunno whether can still tilt or not !

good idea u shud travel all da way up north , make sure u dun head to Hadyai !
surprisingly many ppl love those green chilis !

seems like the teluk intan CCF is everywhere in hawker stalls and taste not that striking about same all

trying to see how u can try to cook these local things !

more than chai poh also got shrimps and meat , different from stall to stall but tastes not that DEEP so not many open and peek inside the dark corners !

we know many who love this simple dish , also available from behind mobile motorbikes
Anonymous said…
Seriously, is the CCF only specialty in Anson? I heard that their heong peah nice too.
actually the heong peah is also talked about but to a lesser extent then the everywhere CCF !