jaguh kampung

by the rivers of Lumut

Near Sitiawan town ( 8km away ) there lies a small kampong ( village ) called Kg Sitiawan where the first Chinese pioneers ( of Manjung District ) landed a century ago.

Today this same place with Chinese vegetable farmers , Malay fishing folks and some Indian families looks quite the same as it was ( we were told ) except there are many cars which converge aka clockwork precision at a certain spot in the mornings.

you mean to enjoy this watery view ? the great shining pool ( the scene of many Scouts first class swimming tests from nearby schools ) or is there something else ?

the eager cars parked along the roadsides. Something's up babe .

...to see this stilted shaky wooden hut ? sure it can hold or not ?

But first , a small bite from the newspaper packed bundle for the appetiser.
Nasi lemak kampung with one tiny 1/4 fish 70 sen .

then a drink while you wait and see. da teh tarik

the patient multiracial crowd. Young and old . Must be something big here .All races.
Actually you could celebrate the coming 50th Merdeka Celebrations here.
Just need some flags.
The champions. Throwing and doughing. Oh now we understand.

this ! Wow looks good , very fresh ! ...the aroma ...the slurpy gravy .
Roti canai Malay style.

stunning color ! Got that bounce...that rare exuberance !

Amazing youthful texture ! Great taste !
Wonderful , only 7o sens . Rated EXCELLENT ( means near the top )

Now you know , kampung folks too can make a big difference !


What a cool and cost-saving joint! It looks like it has quite the atmosphere.
Ginger said…
I just told my darling recently only that it is sooo hard to find good roti canai nowadays.

And lo and behold, here u post the most 'excellent' roti canai. It really looks good la! Lucky you.
Anonymous said…
I can see the roti canai is very fluffy and tears at a slight tug! What a gem you found in that little tranquil town
Tummythoz said…
Last picture is most picturesque - like postcard. And that teh tarik makes me yearn...
Jackson said…
hey...i just wondering yr team do no thv to work..can travel so far for food...so nice!
Anonymous said…
I thought the nasi lemak was the star (was searching for that 1/4 fish...), then I read on and found out about the roti canai. They charge USD$3 for roti canai here and color surely not as stunning.
Precious Pea said…
You guys always balik kampung issit? Bring me next time ler. Wah...the 70 sen nasi lemak looks fiery hot. I LIKE I LIKE!
Anonymous said…
Can share with us the exact location? I'm balik kampung coming merdeka weekend. Thanks.

Me, from Sitiawan as well.
k.t.x said…
ohh.u r sitiawanian huh? lol. manjung?? lol, cool, my days when we go there for a scouting camp and subsequently, the asia pacific jamboree some yeeeears back. miss teluk batek where we were introduced to the sea. somehow i prefer malay roti canai over mamaks or indian....it's more filling , more isi, richer...lol.

oh yeah, i also like sitiawan for chinpeng!!!!
this place's gorgeous for small time fishing and lazing around !

try Sri Melur in usj 18 or klang Bk Tinggi they are among the best

Mosin in TTDI , Mayang Jaya are quite good too

our best xperience with street food are out in the woods , with xtraordinary co ( eg Tg Sepat , Tg Puteri Johore . Grik etc ) , quite like you...

we ahud trade places sometimes , you and your superloaded big restaurant food ( even FBB cannot tahan oredi !)Happy birthday again, want 16 yr old one or 17 ah ?

surely ahmor roti canai will look funny right ? look out for kampung roti nex time ah dun forgit !

our time is complex , will remember exqusitely yr valuable request...u fit the bill to the dot
...only thing are u scared of mosquitoes or not ? we know flies no problem

nice to drop by fellow Swan kaki !
this place is in centre of Kg Sitiawan , just beside the river , u can't miss it coz there is no others ! Kg Sitiawan u go straight from Sitiawan town( as u come from Kg Koh ), reach traffic light turn right in direction of Ayer Tawar but turn left immediately after apartments to yr left leading you to Kg Sitiawan. Opens around 7 am daily till lunch time but can be erratic so watch out ! Service is also erratic

nice to know u have great memories of Sitiawan. Teluk Batik is still crowded weekends and Chin Peng last we know is in China ( with those piao meis lah ). Malay roti canai mostly tastes mild but not this one , and U must be talking abiut the original Kamnpung Malay girls lah ( ya heard they are just wonderf.....) ! LOL
J u n e said…
Wah, quite some times since i visit u guys..Come back and see such nice roti canai and the price is so cheap. >.<
Everyday Healy said…
Masi Lemak!!! I love Nasi Lemak... 70 cents is so cheap! Looks good also! :)
great to have here again ! best roti coming up !

the kampungs are still great value and original !
Anonymous said…
Wah lau eh, you beat me to it again. My old house is somewhere, somewhere there la. There used to be a bridge where we can walk across to the other side. Not sure still there or not.
the bridge is long gone...ever since u abandoned it ! but now roti canai appeared