guide to the Inside Job

Baked , roasted & ready

Peeking inside the nicely done paper box placed inside a nice plastic bag , is the irressitible bakery aroma that young Grandma loves best . Fresh from the oven. Golden & shiny .
Our daily bread.

larger , heavier and thicker than usual , in some strange kind of suggestive folds

with 3 quick careful cuts following the instructional manual , chunky treasures wrapped within are finally exposed, taunting your expectant eyes and impatient chop sticked hands to reach out.

First lucky strike finds the soft but firm potato piece. Easing into her 4 stunted spears as she prepares to hit hard .

the arch chicken rival is reined in , easier than originally thought. Ahhh what a feeling !

trapped and beyond escape , then juiced above the soft crisp golden mantoyee bun for the climatic swallow through. End of round beginning.

the battleground , along the leisurely main road , Kampar Town Perak. Where once Communists kill and Japanese raped. ..while the Brits ran ... to Singapore.
Really nice sleepy hollow beside beautiful hills , now proudly home to University TAR.

packed. baked & warm . RM24 only ( with half a chicken ( in chunks done medium ) soaked in creamy unIndian Chinaman curry ( so don't expect exotic fragrances ) . There is a special prize waiting for the guy who can finish all this mammoth roti alone in 20 minutes . Last winner (hotly disputed) was a gal . Though it is strongly recommended you share with 3 other able eaters .
to enter , follow this manual carefully . Spill at own peril !

a picture says about 100 words .
enjoy !
but do not forget our love ...from kampar with love


Wennn said…
This is wat I hv missed.. Din know where to find it.. Put in diary remember it next time!!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Intriguing, this one does look good. I am not a bread person, but I will eat this one.
wmw said…
Wah...looks like an operation going on! LOL...
Michelle said…
came across this before..
but din know they teach u how to makan it too..
hmm.. nice.
I've never seen anything like that before, but it looks delicious. Now I know what it is, in case I ever see it.
Unknown said…
haha i'm so sick of this already, it alwiz appears on the dining table, potluck, or any sort of party..ipoh people love buying this
boo_licious said…
aiyoh, you're tempting all of us to drive down to Kampar for that!
one of the many reasons why i love Kampar.
but so near yr house ?

this was a late innovation tho, coz Kampar is more noted for its fish balls , chicken claypot rice
and biscuits

if u r here we bring you to the rapids nearby for more
...F I S H ...! da real operation omg

guess this one they leart from the British soldiers...hahaha

it is also available in PJ/KL in some shops tho not as flamboyant as this

it also features in some Chinese 7 course ifficial meals right ?

boo is time , boo for your mandatory outward journey to the ...source, and more

v can feel it babe
Anonymous said…
Nice stuff indeed!