Forever Young

Came and still coming...
The living museum along Jln Dang Wangi ( previously Jln Cambell ) KL. A pre-war corner shoplot Chinese Restaurant with its amazing varied menu of Malaysian rice(s) , Chinese noodles , English chops and sandwiches proudly displayed in a big board hanging on the Century stained wall for all to ponder. Many serious matured looking 9-5 office crowd and OL ( office ladies ) too.

Yes , this thing is most famous , for where do you get to see a wet super oily kind of soft dough the size of your palm looking like this?

and then also with a familiar kind of buldge , like daring you to ..s t r i p it ...and ...

... JUST open it !
What a lustrous sight ! Porky soft fat/lean strips plus waxy shiny Chinese sausages soaked in oniony mash then freshened and rainbowed with English tomatos , lettuces and cool cucmbers so you know got 'European standard '.

if you really must touch and hold it

Still the taste, feel and effect lag by a few thousad years when compared to this original of all originals ( char siew pau ) invented circa 28 BC west of Xian , China.
But at more than another 20 years older than our beloved 50 years young Malaysia it is your patriotic duty to at least pay this museum a casual visit before our 50th Independence Day 2007 on 31 Aug c o m i n g .
Who knows you might even feel da presence of our founding Fathers , right here.
Yut Kee
Jln Dang Wangi
Kuala Lumpur
Proudly made in Malaysia


MeiyeN said…
yet to try this place... :( really hope to find da time to try their famous hainanese pork chop!
k.t.x said…
what did u mean by "coming"???? lol.

r u not suppose to put the "come"(wrong spelling) at the end of the post after all the excitement?
Looks good, but definitely not good for you. Who's counting, though?
boo_licious said…
Ah, that is finger licking good and yes, proudly made in Msia by the 3 generations.
Michelle said…
wow~ though i'm never a fan of chinese sausages.. but that pic u snapped really itch my taste buds.. hehehee..
Anonymous said…
The photos manage to build up the suspense and has just killed me with the explosion of the roti babi. I want to sink my teeth into the soft bun with succulent meat right now
Jackson said…
So shiok by just looking at yr hand "holding" the "BAO"
Anonymous said…
wow! so many things inside the pau. i don't think i will like it. i don't like lots of different things all together.
I see you're doing ur bit for our 50th year of Independence. Good job good job!! Next time I shall try using my fingers to see if flavour's better. :-P
wmw said…
Yut Kee...." the corner of my mind..." Haha,want to sing song already!
they are quite efficient and fast tho less ypung and food sraightforward not exciting

hahaha u r coming close !

it looks different and oily rich ! Malaysians are on countdown for the month end 31Aug national day which is coming a bit shaky tho

malaysia bolih ( that greatly depends on us floggers esp u )

it tastes quite crunchy and nice but quite rare in this time and day here in KL

its pretty interesting if this is your first time...

definitely ! esp if you start squeezing

we have a special version just for you ok !

ok now we want to see your turn , maybe over a serene lakeview with the team , as is finally , romance

missed those short memories ya ?
really , this thing called t i m e
Precious Pea said…
Yumyumyum..imagining the porky fats melting in my mouth.
thoz u dun prefer fats LOL !