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the Tandoori factor

Cameron Highlands , Pahang , the romantic Little England in da Jungle with its vestigial tudor dwellings facing steep garden slopes still evokes memories of pipe puffing Aristocrats and their big hat lady companions sipping tea , nibbling scones and squeezing cute reddish spotty fruits we know as strawberries.

Today , you would be forgiven if you think busy 2-street Tanah Rata is a Little India ! Yes , the hardworking sweet & hot spices of India has indeed arrived , and with gusto ! There are numerous Indian Restaurants here with curious customers which outnumber their Chinese, Malay & Cafe counterparts . The winds of change...

this is the charming elevated Indian Retaurant ( recommended by Lonely Planet ) just as you enter Tanah Rata from Ringlet, near Maybank. Customers can choose to sit outside ( to watch the birds & enjoy the cool air ) , be quietly cozy inside the main dining area or hideaway in a separate adjacent non-smoking zone. Pretty neat.

simple & nice decor, the no-smoking/romantic section

Attracted by the flaming red colors I had the signature tandoori set , a fave with the European and Japanese tourists who somehow seem to love this sentimental place , with naan bread

inclusive of this super fresh salad reminding one that greenies are all over this garden town !
So take more , and stay healthy !
de classic striking color & wavy looks of the yoghurt flavored tandoori chicken , a must-have for the adventurous tourist, direct from the charcoal fired clay oven . Add a dash of lime juice to this succulent & mildly flavored delicacy, tempered down ( according to the Manager ) for non-Malaysian tastebuds. But if you prefer it hotter get that version !
The complete set with a fruit drink ( RM 9 ) with generous dip-dip optional spicy gravies in the all-in-one plate . A really solid well balanced meal , tho I suspect for the true blue Malaysian Glutton , you will need extra sizzling turbos

...and... if the above set is still not enough then go for these extra delicious goodies-in-waiting + the full range of exotic scent-suous South Indian curries and vegetables .

the friendly & ever smiling Proprietor Mr R.Mani who also manages the
Travellers Pub & Bistro next door.
Check out this charming place on your next trip
He promises , if you are in a Group "you choose... we cook "
Restoran Bunga Suria
66A , Persiaran Camellia 3
Bandar Baru Tanah Rata
Cameron Highlands
tel 05 - 491 4666


Wennn said…
Can I hv tat and tat and tat and tat... Choosing from the variety of nice yummylicous vegetables...
the 1 i had in arumugam was damn good!..shud give that a try.opposite ampang point..
MeiyeN said…
woohoo.. chicken tandoori, da red red color...i love it! :D
Big Boys Oven said…
A simple place up the hill yet provides such a lovely meal.
Michelle said…
u make me wanna run to steven's corner now for my fave cheesy garlic naan.. awww.. u guys...

*stomach roaring*
pick u up from Tapah wait 4 us ok !

tks , we shall put it on our
'to try nex' list !

u like them really red ? LOL !

there are lots more here so dun forgit ! then its c o o l ...

wow ! new beautiful look . we shall be getting in touch on our nex binging session , plse leave yr tel no in yr zone,,,tks
Rasa Malaysia said…
OMG, just got your comment...NST about Oooh, where? Tell me tell me? Or send me a picture of it...
Anonymous said…
Fruit drink - I thought they serve you Boh Tea! Whahahaaa! I love to dip those freshly made naan in those curries. So good!
Anonymous said…
i like indian food since i like spicy food! though i had been to tanah rata couple of times, didn't exactly notice this restarant. must remember to check it out the next time i'm there.
Jackson said…
i wan the tandorri chicken!!
searching 4 article

try everything here if possible !

this one here very clean and cozy

coming coming
fatty cafe said…
that sure is a juicy chicken !
Rasa Malaysia said…
Never mind the article...maybe it was a mistake? I ask my sister to find too and she can't find any. :P