the Coliseum Cafe , KL

Flairless Ambience

Situated along xtra busy historical Jln TAR , the exterior is reminiscent of a 17th century American guns-a-blazing cowboy saloon where rowdy buffalo meat was King and Billy the Kid was gallivanting with those voluptuous dancing gals and getting high over
single-malt Jack Daniel.

while deep within , the ghosts of ancient metal clanking gladiators were just figments of your imagination ( never mind its Roman lineage). Nonetheless our local guardians from the Heritage Ministry were not too impressed and in fact ordered its demolition just a year or two ago. Which was ...alas...saved from certain death if not for a last minute reprieve resulting from furious public outcry. What a relief .

Spacious rustic interior , high ceiling and looking grand. Rising from the ashes. Still , you have to admire the gruffy looking oldie in his crumpled ironed shirt trying hard to attend to you as you sit watching who made those cigarette burnt holes on the otherwise smart white table cloth.
Good , here comes the nice menu followed by a salad for each of us.

this chuncky potato wedges and veges came next to be shared. with the usual creamy sauces and indistinguishable mild flavors.

da chicken chop in standard gravy , + 1 tomato RM 19.90

T bone steak , + 1 tomato . standard gravy. RM35.90

New Zealand lamb chop in standard gravy . + 1 tomato. RM30.90

Great ageing historical ambience , sober service , a clear lack of visual xcitement ,
straight as an arrow kind of meaty taste
Non too inspiring pricing ...and...
just be lucky you are much , much younger than ...the almost 100 years old...
...Coliseum Cafe & Hotel
98-100 , Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03 - 269 26270 ...


Ginger said…
Oooh. So sedap.. especially the T-Bone steak.
wmw said…
So, it seems to have lost some of its old charm?
Mmm, potatoes. I hope the food was more impressive than the establishment.
Anonymous said…
So easy to serve the meats - on every steak/chicken/lamb plate, just put 1 tomato. I need to learn this. :D
taste of meat is overpowering , cept the colors hahaha

dunno how many times u have been here , but the service is not exemplarry , maybe to be expected

they seem a bit tired tho

u shud see tha crowd...the continuous ones. so maybe old is v good
Xiu Long Bao said…
The food doesn't look appealing though. And the salad is like those u can get from western food stall. So hows the taste like?
k.t.x said…
still could not find the reason to visit that distinguished place again after several attempts to savor its best.

err, unless they introduce some coyotes dance on it bar top....i dont mind, but hv to b voluptuos ar....that u go scout first!
Precious Pea said…
When I saw the pic of the chicken chop with tomato, I suddenly felt like crying. Cos it brought back so many good memories and flashback of when i was still a little girl. Going to Coliseum that time was like such a BIG treat for me and I would be so happy for days! And now that I could afford going on my own, this place is forgotten. Must go back there soon...aiii..suddenly felt so sad.
I still remember how they served bread. Thick cut slices on a plate, and a folded napkin (white cloth type) placed on top of the bread. I didn't eat the bread. LOL.
MeiyeN said…
oooo i love their spinach, well blended... very interesting! :)
da taste is like normal , yes as you say from stall but got all that type of history one...

last time cartoonist Lat likes to hang out here watching the old men
& ladies ( too )

gosh , so it struck a deep chord !
thats memories of dining during little kid days, a bit like fave teenage days music right !

hahaha, if only we were there ( yes !) we would have err.. u know...

this place is usually patronised by family diners and the occassional pair. Got its own 'class' u know
teckiee said…
Damn classic man this place.
nick said…
T-bone beautiful...thx for the tip
boo_licious said…
Sadly they give brussel sprouts anymore as that's my highlight of the meal. They do really good Hailam noodles and stuffed crab!
it really is , considering the official looking Colonial 'ambience'

steaks here done without any fuss, like gimme tha meat quick !

we dun see no sprouts too, we plan to come back for some Latty booze since Lat is now a doctor !
Anonymous said…
Was planning to drop by but it seems like not as special as I get to know it. Maybe should go somewhere else.
when i was working n travelled to kl often, ppl would take me to eat there. each time i ate there, it was the old bygone days kind of ambience tt was impressive. the steaks weren't anything to talk about.
its quite nice for old style relaxed dining but food is bland bordering on the mediorce