a Chinese Dinner at the backStreet for 5

in the Malaysian countryside

It is nice when the locals bring you to their favorite places to eat. Somehow ( not surprisingly) they always end up bringing you & co to that 'best' restaurant invariably somewhere at a distant corner near the backlanes.
And the easy going meal will go something like this.

good old plain superhot Chinese tea , served in tiny cups. Topping up is a sacred duty reserved for the host so just relax ok.

aha ...the classic steamed plain white rice in a bowl , accompanied by the mother of all eating apparatus the definitive chopsticks. This bowl is to be held in your one hand while the other is for the chopsticks as you handle the rice and food , For first timers do see Jackie Chan in
"The Young Master" for the correct classical way to hold them .

here comes the soft gentle Chinese ( or is it Japanese ) sizzling hot-plate tofu ( bean curds ) with prawns , netted in a layer of pattaya-fried-rice style softly fried eggs. Simple but tasty no doubt

then deshelled mantis prawns fried in bouncy cornflour with raw onions and green veges .
Quite deliciously different and lip-smackingly good in a sweety soury kind of way.

The unmistakeable looks of the one , but leans only and... look ! NO bones !
Thinly sliced but hey , its as solid as should be ! We don't call it da meat for nothing !

finally the controversial stinker of a vegetable , the pods from the jungles , called petai and a Malaysian speciality . Excellently concocted in spicy sambal ( chilli paste ) with prawns and a special from the beaming chef . Surprisingly no trace of pungency and swept clean within a few strokes by the appreciating backStreet diners.
Thank you dear host for a classic & simple satisfying meal ,
all we understand for below RM50.

OK , we are now ready for session 2


Tummythoz said…
Hey, why got salivating worthy pictures at incredibly good pricing BUT I no see address or name of restaurant?
Ginger said…
Wah. So nice ar. I love petai!! Hehe. But nowadays very hard to find places that serves petai huh...
These look so interesting a fresh. The colors are great.
Yinsi Yat said…
Each time come here sure drooling wan.
Anonymous said…
Oolong tea or chrysanthemum?
Meat chops seems like Hainanese style, and the hot-plate tofu.
No wonder they say stinky beans look like edamame...hahah!
v bring you there ourselves ok ?

actually in Bidor/Tapah plenty on the roadsides !

bet u cannot take these petais or durians !

v wan 2 get hold of u to catch fish 4 BBQ , R U ready !?

actually this place is hokkian mixed cantonese mix hainanese mix ?? anyway we are not sure what exactly we are eating like the tea dunno came from jungle , tibet or india or even africa ! but all can !
Anonymous said…
Oh everything looks really good. *slurp slurp*
Unknown said…
where is it?? address plz..whoa petai is my absolute favourite..
k.t.x said…
now, where-the-heck is this place? reveal! emm, good choice especially the petai. good to infuse with shots of hot chinese tea intermitently, my sort of proper chinese meal.

but, but, but, a backlane restaurant using japanese bowl for their rice???? veli the progressive huh??lol
Coketai said…
Where is the address???? The petai is just wonderful!!!! Address and name of the restaurant please!!!!!!!

Anonymous said…
yalah, why no mention where is this place? aiya you team bsg ah... wanna keep us in suspense kah?

btw i love petai... only if it is spicy.
Anonymous said…
I am so longing for hot plate tofu... very long didn't eat already. I never tried petai, never thought it's sold in restaurant. Looks interesting :)
MeiyeN said…
woohoo... da petai really looks delicious!!!! luckily we had one plate of "sambal petai" with prawns last night.. or else.. sure am craving for it badly right now! :D
they are really good , considering the freshness and price !

in Perak , couple of miles only , near your hometown...best ( really )

we instinctively knew you will enjoy this place but more of session 2 we believe ( hahaha )nowadays u never know what lies backstreet ! more than tea of course

v nice of u to drop by.
restorant Rakyat in ayer tawar , perak ( bet u dunno where, but dun worri there will be more )

we know u love petai ! all Pg people do !

maybe one day...soon

wow so many people love petai !
(except da maid ) hahaha
wont be surprise the superactive KL floggers organise a petai feast soon
Tummythoz said…
Petai feast? Ewws.. *pinches nose & runs away*
Michelle said…
4 words.
i love mantis prawns.
4 words again.
you make me hungry.
4 words again again.
i love you all!!
wmw said…
Eh, I also love petai....Even out of town can still let us know where. So we can take note and eat there when we are traveling :P
gosh, never seen so much petai in one dish before. Drool.
v will try to climax it by bundling it ( sounds familiar ?) with some cameron durians for the BOOM

V luv U too !
4 words...

ok dear v always get too xcited

if v meet in Bidor nex V could have the whole tree ok !
Big Boys Oven said…
Such a lovely food, so simple yet so full of malaysian chinese heritage.
zewt said…
that petai pic.... damn... i wana have some!
some great things can be found in the villages !

while petai is heavy smelly green, good luck to your yellow !