Battleground Subang USJ

Bold , Dark & Heavy

Subang Jaya / USJ , a bustling township with the 'best' of everything now boasts of the cheapest
Supermarkets. A classic tale of giants pitted against each other . The arrival of Muslim supermarket chain Mydin Hypermarket in USJ 2 right beside reigning hot-shot Giant and nearby slumbering USJ Summit caused no disastrous stampedes but a golden harvest of sorts for the lucky residents who now reap the benefits of arguably the lowest grocery and other household product prices this part of town !

You should keep an eye on the warring parties' frequent wallet-popping press adverts to see if that 34 inches tv is going for RM200 and your fave chicken eggs are going 30 for only RM2.99 who knows !

This expensive looking nasi kandar restaurant ("best in Subang" ) sitting right in front within the mega mall has the full lustrous spread of nasi kandar, plus a popular briyani corner.

Taking a cue from the few petite ladies ahead of us who seem to be absorbed with their super big plates of this brown rice with big chunky chickens sprayed expertly with minute whiffs of multiple curry gravies then topped with some cucumber/carrot slices , we followed suit .

Heavy looks, strong colors. Multi-spiced brown fragrant rice with the signature
all-in-one saucy gripping taste .

Tender chicken meat , probably soaked for long with some secret incredients
(including the world's most expensive spices ?) . then it sure is cheap
@ only RM 7.50 !
Indian Muslim restaurants...the new force.... at the best locations
...( didn't you notice ?)


What a cool take on chicken. I really love chicken, but I'm always looking for new ways to make it different and exciting.
k.t.x said…
it really depends but yeah, indian muslim fares are perhaps the only reason i go to penang. hypermarket food joints......good meh?
Anonymous said…
A comforting rice set!
boo_licious said…
Looks good! Didn't know they had food inside there.
wmw said…
Back to your homeland??? Or off to your other road adventures again?
Wennn said…
Wow see U can really go and hunt for all those nasi lemak and fiery stuffs ya!! Oki ok next time go bek sure look look for U take me go makan!!
wonder if you are into asian cuisine such as curries and spices ? we got lots of strange chicken tastes here. of all colors

mamaks are great for all encompassing 'flooded' heavy tastes where u dun really know whats in it ( maybe ganja ) and yeah they are now everywhere even in shopping malls ( and casinos )!

din know ladies love their big fat chickens in big fat plates and , oh so much gravy. and the crowd

this one claims to be SJ's best and will finis by 12 ( briyani he says one )

shud be in PP nex for some beach fantasy

shall be waiting in the gym for u !
Unknown said…
hmmm..the portion was huge though..curry and rice is the ultimate comfort food..yumz
Anonymous said…
Chiken breast? Please lar. Where got nice wan? AT least go for the drumstick ma.
Junkgirl™ said…
I'm drooling just looking at your photos...
try it if y r here. seems to be a ladies fave

haha maybe that reminds us of some nice things...

great name u have , close enough to us haha and nice to drop by. We need more exchanges from Club Ozzz !