backLaneVille season 6

as real as it gets

Every once in a while you have to return to where it all began. Where things are simpler
and what you see is what you get. You know, straight to the point , no frills .

Wa , very far lah. here , see that, the sign ? The famous one , among bushes , weeds & shrubs. You are here ! last ! , the Mecca of xxx( be kind to animals )fish xxxxxxxx ... !

Unbelievable ! ...omg...

Wooden , rickety , hey ! looks very old lah . And a little bit sinister too.
How do you know what lies within , sommore so dark ?
Are you sure , ...or ...NOT ?

eggs scrambled in cockles . not your regular oysters type .
Doesn't bounce as much as we would like. don't feel no cockles too ( must be the tiger effect )

eel fillets ala ' tempura '. Excellente fresh & crispy crunchy.
Superbly done with a whiff of xquisite aroma. absolutely perfect with the Dane

de colorful star herself. Rice porridge ( medium rare ) in claypot , with sea catfish
( black skin , sweet pure white flesh ), prawns , strandy radishes and sharp flavorings .
Tastes controversially heavy and strong . Outstanding .
All the way 25 km away from Teluk Intan , in Sg Tiang , a cowboy fishing village on the west coast , Malaysia.
Do not attempt to come here without a Guide ( you know who ) ,
and always insist on genuine eels ( as they tend to look like snakes ).
Also do not worry about the prices ... should worry more about the bushes and shrubs.
Happy hunting !


How natural. And you can't go wrong with tempura.
Precious Pea said…
Can you guys come up with a foodguide on where to get great food at places like this???
MeiyeN said…
my god... you manage to find yummy food even in such "ulu" place, well done!!!!!
Yinsi Yat said…
I think I've been to this place b4. It was long time ago. The food is nice.
boo_licious said…
Aargh, that seafood nasi air looks so good and fresh. I want!!
indeed very ulu..hahah but does look kinda funky man the do they serve snakes??
Anonymous said…
You calling me for the "no cockles" eggs, or calling me for the rice porridge with "fish" effects?
this tempura is a shocking dish to us too , its special esp the hard bones sticking out

we have to consult you on this special project soon...might be a hit !

sure u dare to set foot here ornot ? we promise to clear da bushes for u !

after fishing then sure the food is terrific !

fantasy outing with the legend we shall fantasise ...

real cool this place ( we mean hot ! ), yes snakes if u please

of course for A L L ...hahaha
Anonymous said…
Whoa ! the cat fish porridge looks superb,...cockles egg ? exotic food !
welcome to BSG , still searching.
yes and exotic food !